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My TOS Crew review Favorites

on April 26, 2009

Well I only have one more review due, which I will be getting written up in the next day or two and after that I will be done with the TOS Crew.  It has been a fun ride and one that I will miss.  I have learned a lot, seen what definitely will and will not work for our family and also been exposed to curricula and other items that I may not have had the chance to try out.  I have been truly blessed by this experience and am grateful to have been choosen for the maiden voyage.  Without further ado my favorites:

1st place:

Homeschooling w/ Heart Tote bag  (I hardly go anywhere without it!) 

Memoria Press (review to come)

Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day


 Homeschool in the Woods – New Testament lapbook

 Five In A Row – BeforeFIAR

 Artistic Pursuits Grades K-3

2nd Place:

Alphabet Alley Magnetic Play Set

 Alphabet Alley Games

 Molly’s Money Saving Digest

 One 2 Believe Nativity Set 

One 2 Believe Noah’s Ark play set

 Spears Art Studio

 Schoolside Press – Little Man in the Map

3rd Place:

 Critical Thinking Company

 Knowledge Quest – Homeschooling ABC’s

 Trigger Memory System

Math Mammoth

 Media Angels


 Hannah’s favorites:

Schleich, Before FIAR, Kinderbach, Time for Learning (a BIG hit), Noah’s Ark, Nativity Play Set, Trigger Memory System, Rime to Read, Spears Art Studio, Core Learning, Artistic Pursuits, Homeschool in the Woods, Apologia

Bethanne’s favorites:

Nativity Play set, Noah’s play set, Schleich, Apologia, Core Learning, Time for Learning

Christian’s favorites:

Nativity play set, Noah’s play set, Schleich, Apologia 

So these were our favorites, while all didn’t make it to our top 3 we enjoyed trying them out and getting to see if they would work for our family.  I especially enjoyed the TOS products even though I didn’t link to them in my favorites but you can see my reviews listed on the right side bar complete with links.  I think this has been a great year and very productive.  It made me aware of the time we took to do school and I look forward to continuing to implement some of what we recieved this year into our school year next year.

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  1. crossrhodes says:

    I love that cute little pink & brown tote bag too. It serves as a multi purpose bag for me…LOL

    I enjoyed being on the Maiden Voyage as well. I will surely miss it.

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