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Memoria Press

on April 29, 2009

Memoria Press

My last review is from a company called Memoria Press and it has been an exciting learning exprience. Memoria Press provides Classical education curriculum such as Christian studies, Famous Men studies, Latin as well as others. The customer service for Memoria Press is excellent, they will help you choose the right fit for your child or children. I also recommend their catalog which is like a mini homeschool magazine, wether you are a Classical educator or not the magazine catalog is chock full of wonderful articles.

I requested three of their resources, Prima Latina, Christian Studies I and Famous Men of Rome. I was thankful that I choose these three, although there are many more wonderful curriculum choices through Memoria Press. There are handwriting courses, copybooks, more Famous Men, more Christian studies as well as Latin, French, logic and rhetoric and they also offer an online academy.

Prima Latina Set

I recieved the teacher manual, student text, DVD and audio CD for the Prima Latina course. This course is great for the parent and child who has no Latin background, which was a plus for us. You can also purchase flashcards to go along with the course, I did not recieve these but if it’s like the rest of the materials they are more than likely well worth it. The teacher’s manual has everything that the student text has with the answers and tests with answers, there is also a brief introduction of English grammar and how it compares to Latin grammar. The introduction also includes helps in using the manual and how to teach the Prima Latina. The DVD is high quality and can be played on the computer for easier classroom access or on the T.V. Leigh Lowe personally teaches the lessons and is good at keeping your attention because of the personable approach, this would be good for the visual learner. The CD as well is high quality, there is crispness of sound and would appeal to the learner who understands best when they hear the lesson. The songs and prayers in Latin are included on the CD as well. The Prima Latina is geared for grades K – 3rd, if you’d like just the teacher manual, student book and CD it is $32.95 or if you want that plus the DVDs (of which there is 3) and flashcards that set runs $90.90.

The Famous Men of Rom was quite impressive. Full color pictures, well defined line drawings and pictures of sculptures add to the stories about Famous Men of Rome, like Cincinnatus, Regulus, Marius among others. The stories keep you wanting to read and are engaging. The teacher’s manual comes with everything in the student guide only it has answers. The students guide really focuses on memorizing, dates, people and events. I think this is good for a child starting around 1st grade as long as you don’t force the memorization right away and just kind of go through the stories and orally discuss the questions in the guides. The older student could easily read the text and answer the questions on their own and of course memorizing the pertinent facts. This really makes history comes alive and while I love history, the history in school is dry and boring, where as this really makes it seem more real and exciting which is exactly what homeschoolers enjoy! The text, student guide and teacher guide w/ key sells for $39.95.

Book of Latin Roots for Children

Using the Golden Children’s Bible students embark on a journey (3 years) through Biblical history, although any Bible will work as well. Using the story of Salvation, children are taught about history – True history. This is geared for grades 3rd through 7th, although my 1st/2nd grader enjoyed the lessons we did. In the teacher’s text there is the background and summary which gives more in depth look at the history you will be studying in that lesson. There are 3 ways to reinforce the Bible readings for the lessons, such as facts to know, comphesion questions and activities. There are different activities such as maps, pictures, timlelines, art among others. There are also Bible memorization and review and recitation. This was well written and simple to use and integrate into any curriculum or educator style, so the family wanting to embark on a three year long journey into the Bible will want to check out this study series from Memoria Press. You can purchase Christian Studies I – III series plus the hardbound Golden Children’s Bible for $119.95 or purchase them individually for $38.90 and the Golden Children’s Bible for $17.95.

I thoroughly enjoyed using these products from Memoria Press and I encourage you to go check it out and see if any of these or their other products would enhance your school.


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