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2009-2010 School year goals

on May 30, 2009

June 1st begins our kick off for the 2009-2010 school year of which my oldest daughter will be finishing 2nd grade and begining 3rd!  We will be doing a modified school year until August at which time we will begin full force in covering every subject area.  So for now we are concentrating on math, reading, Bible, art, grammar/reading/spelling/literature.  I am mainly writing this for my own accountability so I can see if I am meeting the goals for Hannah’s school year.

Math:  Our goals for math is to finish Saxon Math 2 by the second week of September and go right into Saxon Math 3.  Hannah will learn measuring (inches, pounds, centimeters, etc), money, multiplication, algorithm, division, angles, finding points on a coordinate graph.  More will be added as we begin our adventure into Math 3. 

Art:  Our goals for art are to learn about famous artists as well as what artists do and see and also where we find art, such as caves, floors, pyramids, castles, windows, etc.  Making corresponding art projects.  Also be able to identify different art styles such as realism, pointilism, etc.

Bible:  Work on memorizing more verses and being able to find verses on her own in the Bible and relating verses to life today.  Using free Bible devotionals that we recieve through the mail.

Grammar:  Have an understanding of nouns, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, punctuation and using it correctly.  Also understand how to write complete sentences, use contractions, past, present, future, possession, adverbs, quotation marks, commas, subjects and predicates, singular and plural nouns, proper and improper, conjunctions, and superlative adjectives.  This may sound ambitious but Hannah enjoys the grammar we do and best of all it’s free I just have to print it off.

Reading/Literature/Spelling:  Fortunately, Hannah loves to read, and she is contstantly reading something.  We will be using unit studies such as FIAR, Beyond FIAR and Portraits of American Girlhood (these will also fall under history, geography, etc)  I will be adding some classics on her level as well as other books she will be reading for our unit studies.  She spells how the word sounds, which is fine but I want her to be able to spell by sounding out the word and recognizing differences in words.  We will be continuing on with Alphabet Island level 2 which will help in spelling.

Science:  I will be using various thematic units and going with what Hannah wants to learn about in regards to science.  We will be using some Apologia and of course some of our unit studies contain science as well.

History/Geography:  This will be mostly included in our unit studies I mentioned above but I will be delving more into her memorizing States and Capitols and work on memorizing Presidents.  Continuing work on Ohio history (although the public schools don’t do this until 4th grade) and adding to her lapbook.  Working on learning countries and where they are in relation to north, south, east, west. 

Handwriting:  Hannah has requested she learn cursive so we will begin that adventure as well, I want to give her a few more months of practicing her printing and then we will move on to cursive.

I think this covers most.  I will be adding to this or making new posts as I feel the need.  I will also begin work with my 2nd child begining in September when she turns 5 doing basic phonics and Math K with her.  I’d like to see Hannah continue with the Latin program we recieved in the TOS review Crew.  I am excited to get started with our new school year!




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  1. LarabaK says:

    We are also planning to school through the summer, but I realized this week I feel burned out, so I'm going to scale back a lot. I hope to do math, science, art, and some Spanish instruction. With our 3rd child (age 6), we'll work on phonics and with the 2 preschoolers, some letter recognition. We won't do as much as you do, but just getting a bit done during the summer will help me be peaceful about the inevitable slowdowns in the next year.

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