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Love is A Verb by Gary Chapman

“Love is A Verb” is a book of stories “of what happens when love comes alive”. Love has to be alive to bring forth fruit and this book definitely proves that.

Several authors comprise this book of stories about love and living love. It may be the lady who choose to love her husband when she just wanted to run away. The husband who learns to love his wife more when she develops Alzhiemer’s Disease. The neighbor lady who ‘adopts’ a lonely next door girl. A woman adopting children no one else wanted even after raising her own three children.

“Love is A Verb” was a fast read but one that will not leave your memory so fast. Mr. Chapman offers tidbits at the end of each story that may show you just how to live that love that Jesus embodied so well. The short stories may well open your eyes and have you love that unlovable neighbor, the spouse that is chronically ill, the child that never listens and goes the way of the prodigal son. Whatever is going on this book may just show you the value of loving those who we deem unlovable. If we shed our preconcieved notions of who deserves our love then we can fully embrace everyong in love and treat them even if they may not really be deserving of love – like the abusive ex husband.

Gary Chapman has put together a book that is a gem and can make one really think about how they are treating others around them. Even if you aren’t a Christian, loving others can make this world a better place to be and maybe the person you showed love to will show love to someone else! You can visit Bethany House to purchase “Love is A Verb”.

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What Does the Bible Say About That? by Carolyn Larsen

Children often wonder what the Bible says about certain topics wether it’s something as mundane as math class or something as serious as abortion, children will wonder. Crossway and Carolyn Larsen have put out a great book that can help children (recommended for ages 8 to 12) understand what the Bible says on topics that concern their lives.
There are 300 topics included in “What Does the Bible Say About That?”, that range from animals to laziness, clothes to drug abuse and others like dieting, dancing, sex, tattoos and other topics. Mrs. Larsen writes the book in a friendly, familiar style that talks to children instead of at them or down on them. The easy reading style is accompanied by cute cartoons that drive home important points about the topic.
Each topic begins with a question: “What does the Bible say about….?” and then addresses what the Bible says. I didn’t find anything that would be controversial or un-Biblical in regards to what the Bible would say about any of these topics. The next part is a few Scripture on what the Bible does say on that topic, the version of the Bible used and quoted is the English Standard Version. Time to face the facts is the next section, it gives guidance that the child can use to direct what they should or shouldn’t do according to what the Bible says. Lastly, there is a section that gives the child something to do to on that day to reinforce what they learned from reading.
This book isn’t too take away the parent’s authority but can serve as a way to open dialouge between parent and child on topics that otherwise may be hard to discuss or for the parent to know what to say. My daughter, who is 7, really enjoyed reading the sections I allowed her to and she says she always wants to keep this book – which is fine by me.
I will say that there were a few sections that I used some non-permanent glue and paper to cover over since I don’t feel that children are ready for some of these things at the age this book is geared for, such as boys, dating, drinking, drug abuse, puberty and sex. These are things that while they will eventually have to know about but at the tender, innocent age of 8 to 12 they don’t need the information even though it is Biblically based – I read those sections. Although I will say if the child is in a public or private school there may be a need for them to read these sections and discuss them with their parents. As a homeschool family these issues haven’t and won’t arise for awhile.
Overall this book is a great and well worth it read. The child can easily read it by themselves or read it together with a parent for a devotional. I would recommend this book to the family that isn’t sure what they should say regarding certain topics that will come up during the growing up years.
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The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today… May 11th, 2009

Outside my window… it is sunny and a slight breeze is ruffling the trees.  Someone is using a weed whacker.

I am thinking… of how much needs to be done and how much I’d would have loved to have a garden this year instead of a patch of weeds in my back yard. 

From the learning rooms… Our assessment was a great success and I am begining our planning for our 2009-2010 which will commence in the next week or so.

I am thankful for… the ability to be able to continue to sew and learn how make clothes for my children and myself.

From the kitchen… for dinner we will have bow tie pasta with alfredo sauce for the littles and I and red sauce for my DH and a salad.

I am wearing… a blue, denim jumper with a blue t shirt and my brown crocs.

I am reading… Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver, The Night Watchman by Mark Mynheir and Love is A Verb by Gary Chapman

I am hoping… to post my Bible study answers for Mary Heart and finish the dresses I have started.

I am creating… the dresses I mentioned above, maybe (finally) Christian’s shorts, some more tote bags to sell

I am praying… that my friend’s house buyers go through with the deal, that my OB /GYN calls me with news on my u/s and that nothing is wrong.

Around the house… doing laundry, need to pick up living room, work on sewing, do some reading, make lunch, love on littles, wash dishes, make dinner.

One of my favorite things… the breeze coming in through open doors

A few plans for the rest of the week… Tuesday is Hannah’s ballet class and Pulm. appt., Wednesday is AWANA, Thursday is Bethanne’s ballet class, Friday our last interest group where the students get to perform and recieve their certificates.

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A Tides of Truth Book 2 (Higher Hope) by Robert Whitlow

Tami Taylor is a law clerk during the summer and there is something that differentiates her from the other clerks and attorneys. I wasn’t sure at first when I first started reading this book but am so glad that I continued on with it.
Tami comes from a family who values their Christian faith, through the way they dress, act, talk, work and school – their faith in God comes through loud and clear. This shows in Tami’s work at the law firm especially when the lines between God and the law can become blurred.
Tami is put to work on a case that proves to hit close to home when the firm is hired to a libel case against a female preacher. Some fear that Tami’s beliefs will be the firm’s downfall. I won’t say what happens so I don’t spoil the read for you, but it wasn’t what I thought was going to happen! I love twists and turns in plots that keep me guessing and keep me alert.
There is romance in the form of courtship! It’s great to see an author taking this old fashioned way of finding a spouse and making it so it is a good thing and not a horrible, fuddy duddy frame of mind. While Tami’s fellow law clerk alludes to less than moral standards with her boyfriend, nothing is said in detail. Also fellow homeschoolers will enjoy reading this because there is something about Tami’s and the man she is courting lives that will surprise you especially when it’s a topic that is usually made fun of or put down.
This is a great read and very enjoyable. I would suggest that you visit Thomas Nelson and purchase a copy of this book for yourself to see just how enjoyable Mr. Whitlow’s books are.
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Brides of Gallatin County Books 1 and 2

I had the chance to read books 1 and 2 in the Brides of Gallatin county series by Tracie Peterson. The first one is “A Promise to Last Forever” and the second one is “A Love to Last Forever”. These book are an great read and keep you in it’s grips until you read the last page of the book.

A “Promise to Believe In” introduces the readers to the Gallatin sisters who also happen to live in Gallatin County in the wilds of Montana in the late 1800’s. They have lived most of their lives without a mom, who died in childbirth while trying to birth her fourth child. Their father takes them and moves constantly without ever finding stability until moving to Gallatin County where he owns and operates (with his three daughters) the Gallatin House, where people traveling the stage can stop for a meal and rest.

“A Promise to Believe In” focuses on the character, Gwen, who was widowed right after her wedding. Her husband’s brother comes calling to find his brother and see where a secret is hidden. Of course there is romance but there is nothing risque or un Christian about there behavior. There is discussion about the brothel in town and how the sisters can help the prostitutes but again besides mention of one of the sister’s penchant for dime novels and her mind wandering once, nothing is said that would make this book unreadable to the Christian.

Book 2: “A Love to Last Forever”, focuses on sister, Beth. She is the one who read the dime novels. I was shocked to learn what dime novels really were and I won’t go into that here. Beth lives her life trying to measure up to her dime novel stories and when she realizes her life and real life is nothing like what is in the books makes her cherish the Bible all the more. She too evenutally finds love in a imperfect but godly man.

The two main issues I have about the books are the fact of the dime novels, it seems as if it does bother the older sister but no one makes any move to Beth she can’t read them and why she shouldn’t read them. From what I understand dime novels were often times trashy reads and would sully the mind and make it impure. The second issue is that of dresses, the other sister, Lacy (whose story is to come) is more tom boy and sees nothing wrong in wearing pants or split skirts. She feels being feminine and wearing dresses as being weak and terrible. Women through out time have been able to work, tend house, children, gardens, mine, ride horses, ride bicycles all in dresses.

I will say overall the books are very well written and you really feel like you are in the Gallatin House and seeing what goes on in the three sister’s lives. I would recommend these books to those who are strong in their faith and convictions. They were fast, enjoyable reads and I would read them over again – if I had the time 🙂

You can find the information to purchase the books here: A Promise to Believe In
and here: A Love to Last Forever

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Back to Sewing

I think it took me about 10 minutes sitting in front of my machine before I could even turn it on!  If you didn’t read my recent post, How Not to Sew, then that would be a good place to start.  My neighbors are probably laughing as they now know why the squad came to our road (keep in mind our road has maybe 10 occupied houses on a no outlet), but that’s okay.  We brought in my MIL’s sewing table to provide me with a studier sewing area and I began sewing again yesterday!  So here is what I did yesterday (the pocket on mine was what I was working on when the accident happened).

This is my tote bag made from two placemats, some fabric, ribbon, buttons and webbing.  It was easy and a lot of fun.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice – but if you know me IRL then one day you will get to see it!


This is my oldest’s tote.  Hannah made this, with a little help from me, for her sewing class in our homeschool co-op.  She made her’s deeper and she has already filled it up.  She told me she needs another one LOL.

These are three pillows that Hannah helped me make, two are for her friends who recently had birthdays and one is for her.  I embroidered their names in black floss with a back stitch.  You can find directions for making the pillows at Love To Sew  These were made prior to the accident but I did stuff and hand sew the opening shut after.

Front of the 1st pillow:

Back of the above pillow:


The other two pillows, the backing material is the same as the dot material on the front but running the opposite direction.

These are scrunchies I made a while ago to match those skirts I made out of pants.  Much easier than I had originally thought.  They each recieved two.  Bethanne’s are the red western print, Hannah’s are the purple ballerina print.

My plans for today are to finish the eyelet ruffle on one dress and sew the other two dresses.  We’ll see how that turns out as I have our assessment tomorrow and a dr appt today.

God bless.



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How not to sew!

After visiting with a friend the other day and her teaching me some things that I never knew about my sewing machine (like um, one shouldn’t use hand quilting thread in the machine) I have been sewing a lot.  Don’t get me wrong I have sewed quilt blocks and quilts and have done the skirts out of jeans and even did one dress but now that I know how to correctly thread, oil and generally care for my machine I am excited!

At our homeschool co-op there is a sewing class where the students have been working towards making a tote bag out of placemats.  Much easier to do than the instructions online would have you believe 🙂  Anyway, Hannah is almost done with hers, we just have to sew the mats together then box the corners.  I have been making some quilted pillows and wanting to finish two dresses and make Christian’s shirts as well as my own tote bag (I LOVE having a tote bag(s) ). 

I finished sewing the backing on to two of the pillows and had started my tote bag pocket.  It was going along swimmingly when one of my greatest fears became real.  No, not a messed up beyone repair seam, but a needle through a finger (or thumb as it was).  Seriously I was sewing, Christian (my youngest, and only son for now) came running into the living and bumped the table my machine was sitting on.  My thumb goes under the needle and the needle goes into the thumb!  I am screaming, DH jumps up to close the door as the neighbors were looking around.  The needle and the thread (bobbin and needle thread) are through my thumb.  DH tried to turn the hand wheel and I screamed at him not to turn it!  I had him call the squad, it seemed like it took forever, but it was only a couple minutes.  The dispatcher had asked DH if I was calm – um, NO!  The medics were great though, even though I was becoming embarrassed.  Thankfully they didn’t have to cut into my machine.  Although I will have to re-start my pocket, when I am ready to begin sewing.  The medic numbed the tip of my thumb with ice and pulled it out while I bit down on my DH’s wallet.  If I hadn’t been so upset (my blood pressure was up to 185/33!!! I have perfect BP)  I would have had DH take a picture because it’s almost unbelievable.  In fact, my oldest (DD’s were at my in laws) didn’t really believe that the needle had gone through my thumb and we called the squad.  I have to go tomorrow to get a tetnus shot and I praying it doesn’t get infected (I am prone to getting infected and with being Type 2 it is even more of a worry).  So this is how not to sew!  I will be investing in a thumb thimble in the VERY near future!


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