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Cooper Bookmarks from Five Star Publications

on October 23, 2009

I’m a sucker for anything book related and my oldest daughter is becoming the same way, much to my happiness.  When I had the chance to review Five Star Publications‘ cooper bookmarks, I had to jump at it.  There are three different designs to choose from, paw print, angel and star – my daughter choose the paw print style.  I was very impressed with the desgin of these bookmarks – usually I can’t stand to use these kind and prefer sticky notes or the flat, paper kind of bookmarks but these were wonderfully useful.


Usually with these types of bookmarks I find that the book’s binding becomes warped with the usage but with these bookmarks I found that the spine of my and my daughter’s books did not become broken or any in way warped.  This is a definite plus for any book worm who enjoys keeping their books binding intact for future reading.    Five Star Publications’ bookmarks are made with high quality cooper and Swarovski crystals and pearls to finish off the beautiful, elegant look that will please any book worm! 


These bookmarks are wonderful and perfect for gift giving and with Christmas and Hanukkah right around the corner these are priced just right for a loved one or friend without breaking the bank.  Even if you don’t know of anyone who enjoys reading these would also make a ideal way to add a special touch to a Christmas tree or decorate anything that the bookmarks could hang from.  So I do recommend these bookmarks for anyone who is wanting an economical way (i.e. these wouldn’t have to be thrown away since they got torn) to do gift giving this year or at any time, birthdays, baptisms and more.  At $11.95 it’s a great way to give someone (or yourself) a high quality, beautiful gift.


This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Five Star Publications for this review.


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