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Fire Station Field Trip – October 2nd

on October 27, 2009

I’m behind – with my job as mom, wife and reviewer (LOL).  We’ve been very busy and actually updating my blog with our family and school stuff has taken a back seat these past couple of weeks.  We took a field trip with our homeschool group to the Fire Station where one of the dads in our group works.  We had a long but very fun and learning-full day!


The children were able to get hold a hose and turn the water on and off.  Surprisingly Christian did not want to participate but the girls sure did!


We also had the chance to see the firemen work together while using the hose.  I was telling the girls that this is how we did it in the Navy.  There was no specified firefighters onboard my ship so everyone onboard was a firefighter and the left hand would hold the hose and the right hand would be on the person’s shoulder in front you.  This way you’d know if you lost a person,  there were signals for getting out, running out of oxygen, etc.  The firemen didn’t really explain this to our group so it was nice to know what they were doing and be able to tell my children.  Some departments may do it differently or for different reasons but that was how it was done in the Navy.


Then they were allowed to get on the rescue truck, you know the one, with the jaws of life and all the equipment medics and firemen need to get you out of your home or car quickly.  Christian began crying when he got left on there by himself as the other children exited – it was quite a site seeing me climbing up the truck in my dress with the wind blowing heartily!  I tried to snap Christian’s picture before he started crying but I didn’t have success. 

We also listened to a talk about fire and CO2 detectors and how important they are.  Also the fire fighter had the children answer questions about fire safety and talk about the need for an escape and meeting plan for each family.  He showed us his gear as well.

The children were also allowed in the medic unit (what we commonly call the ambulance) but due to all the children it was hard to get good pictures and I don’t want to inadvertently post pictures of another’s child without them knowing first.  This was a great way to begin Fire Safety month as well as meet our safety requirements for our school year.


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  1. momofsix says:

    It looks like fun. The little guy looks so scared.

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