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on June 23, 2010

Aahh….the ability to take a nap when you want and where you…….My youngest who will be 4 next month is all boy and he is like the Energizer bunny – he keeps going and going and going…….. I love him and wouldn’t change him, I want him to grow to be a man not some sisified version of a man so I try my best to let him be a boy even if that means he takes a tumble every now and then.  I will admit though when he decides to take a nap I breathe a sigh of relief LOL, I can sit down and read without worrying that he is climbing on the kitchen table or flooding the bathroom!  There is something about a sleeping child that just makes you want to grab your camera and so when Christian grabbed his car comforter (no other blanket will do) and curled himself up on the chair I just had to snap a couple pictures.

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