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Last Wednesday, the 22nd of September we had our first AWANA meeting of the new school year!!!  The children look forward to this all summer and really enjoy it and it helps me with driving home the Biblical truths that they learn from me not to mention it also takes care of the whole “your chilren aren’t socialized because they are home schooled” argument.  For us, that excuse went out the door a long time ago LOL  We’re less busy than we were last year which suits us just fine.  No Nutcracker this year, no evening dance classes two nights a week.  Simplify. I managed to grab one picture of each child on the first night as this year I am allowed to be a helper and I’m helping out in the T&T (Truth and Training) for the 3rd through 6th grades.

Hannah is a T&Ter this year and this is her 6th year!  

Bethanne is a Spark this year and this is her 4th year (she spent three years as a Cubbie)!

Christian is a Cubby again for his 2nd year!  He’ll be in Cubbies for 3 years like Bethanne.

Christian at game time:

Hannah in council time: I apologize for the blurriness.

Bethanne in her Spark class:  I hope this looks upright when you see it, I fixed it on Photobucket.

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"Out Live Your Life" by Max Lucado

Max Lucado definitely has a gift from God with his writing, he gets to the heart of the issue and doesn’t beat around the bush.  With any of his books I have found them to be  Scripturally sound and very Biblical in their approach to life or in the case of his children’s books they bring home the Biblical message.  There is nothing different in his newest book, Out Live Your Life, although this one may just change the way you live your comfortable, Christian lifestyle.

Most of us are probably aware that there are people in other countries and even America that live on less than $2.00 a day!  That every few second a child dies from hunger, disease or violence.  For most of us we watch the news and see the heartache of the mom holding her dying child in Africa, we sympathize and move on, but Max’s book will call you to get out of your zone.  He’s not asking all of us to go to Africa, the slums in our city or Darfur but he is asking we do something!  Whether it’s rubbing your knees raw from praying or actually going to places Max Lucado has a way of making you know that this is what Christ would want from us.

I’ve always been passionate about children – hunger, abuse, homelessness, abortion – so I’ve been thinking of ways that I could help.  I know right now I can pray for these children and the shelters that help them but I know there is more that I can do.  Some people have had no one who really sees them and loves them – what if we could show them through ourselves that God loves them more than any mom, dad or friend could?  How would this world look?  How would our country look?  Can we step outside our zone and do something, anything so that someone may just see God through us and in turn they’ll come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our works shouldn’t be about our glory but about bringing glory to God.  If you need something to get you jump started and maybe even fired up then go grab a copy of Out Live Your Life  and get started making a difference.

**I was given a copy of this book through the Thomas Nelson Book Sneeze blogger program in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.

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Mama Buzz Tour: is a new business offering beautiful simulated diamonds set in sterling silver for only $3.77 shipping, handling and the mention of their site anywhere on the web.  These earrings are very beautiful and even my daughter enjoyed wearing them, as the ‘diamonds’ are super clear and very sparkly.  The stud is not at big and is just the right size for an 8 year old’s ear and looks great on an adult’s as well.  They lend a hint of sparkle to any outfit without being ostenatious or making one look vain.

The backs stay on (although I wouldn’t recommend letting your pet guinea pig get near them, as they like the backs) so there is no fear of them slipping off and losing the earring.  The backs also slip on easily so if you’re ears are sensitive there isn’t any fear of pushing and tugging to get the backs on or off.  These earrings are very well made and my daughter got a lot of compliments from her friends on the beauty and quality of the earrings.  They come in a black velvet heart-shaped box, ready for gift giving or simply a treat for yourself!

If you’d like to get your own pair for only $3.77 then visit to find out how.

(the add to cart button won’t work on my blog, I wasn’t sure how to remove it from the picture)

**I was provided a pair of these simulated diamond earrings from in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was given.

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A Modest Ladies Survey

I originally found this at Cindy’s blog, Keeping the Home  (which at this time is not active, but hopefully it will be soon) and my friend Michelle posted it with her answers at Faith, Family, Friends.  I wanted to answer this sooner but am just now getting around to it, that’s what a busy mom’s life does.  If you want to answer the questions on your blog, feel free, then come back here and leave the link so I can come and read your answers and follow you!  Feel free to follow me as well if you haven’t already.

Do you wear makeup?

No, however this is more due to convenience than a conviction on the matter.  When I had our first daughter in 2002 I found I had less time to spend on my looks and so my use of make up began to diminish then when our second daughter came in 2004 I realized that I no longer wore make up at all.  This was pleasing to my husband and he said he thought I looked better without it and also saved him money.  Now I understand what Scripture says and I know it’s possible for women to wear make up that doesn’t create a painted woman look but for me it has become a conviction that I not wear it.  Although when I had a part in The Nutcracker last year I did have to wear make up, which reconfirmed why I don’t like it not to mention the cost of buying it blew me away. 

Do you wear a head covering?

Yes, for church.  I have been convicted to wear a head covering sometime after having our second daughter however my husband isn’t convinced that I need an outward covering since I have hair that falls to my waist.  He does consent to allow me to wear one to church and has said if I can find something that doesn’t make me look frumpy he may consider letting me cover full time.  I’m trying to find something that he would like at this time.

Do you wear dresses?

Yes, I like to wear jumpers with blouses although I find myself wearing more skirts that fall well below my knees.  I’d like to wear cape dresses but it’s another thing that my husband and I do not agree on.  Opposites truly do attract LOL.

Do you wear a modesty vest over your dresses or a cape dress?

No, as I said above I’d like to wear cape dresses.  I do like to be double covered but do not feel it’s a Salvation issue and will wear shirts or t-shirts by themselves.  When I spent time in Holmes County, Ohio it was required to wear either a vest or cape dresses (I wore cape dresses) and it wasn’t an impediment to me.  I don’t believe you have to wear a vest of cape dress to be modest. 

Do you wear stockings or knee socks for added modesty?

No, I do wear hose when I have someplace that socks wouldn’t look right.  During the summer I will wear bike shorts or stretch capri’s under my skirts/dresses as this gives me more assurance of modesty should I need to get on the ground with my children.  I would like some old time unmentionables for winter but haven’t take the time to make any.  I would like to wear some of the stockings that the Amish/Mennonite women wear, they look warm and modest, again not something I’ve looked into with a lot of gusto. 

Do you wear open toed shoes?

No, again this isn’t a conviction though.  If I had sandals I would wear them, my last pair of sandals bit the dust awhile ago (with my feet Birkenstocks are the only ones that are comfortable and I can find other needs to spend our money on than new sandals).  I have two pairs of black dress shoes (one flat and one low heeled Mary Jane type), Crocs and a pair of tennis shoes.  Again with my feet issues it’s hard to find a pair of shoes that I can wear – Crocs fit the bill and they get worn A LOT – my dressy shoes get worn when the Crocs or tennis shoes wouldn’t look right.

 Do you sleep in your head covering?

No.  My first experience though with someone wearing a covering at night was when I was in Holmes County.  

Do you wear modest swimwear? 

Sort of.  I’d like one of the actual modest swimsuits but again I feel there are other things we NEED more than a swim suit that I’d only wear once or twice a year.  Right now I have no swim suit as I got rid of it some time ago and we don’t really go swimming.  If I needed one I guess I’d just wear a pair of my culottes and t-shirt. 


Yes and no.  Most of the time no.  I do have my ears pierced and there are times when I want to gussy up for my husband and I’ll wear a low key pair of hoops or studs.  My wedding band was bent and I can’t wear it any longer so my husband bought me a silver band which I rarely wear unless I go somewhere and don’t want to deal with the stares of those who think I’m a single mom to 3.  I would wear my cross necklace if the chain wasn’t broken, it was gift from my dad.  When I do wear it I don’t wear it to bring attention to myself, unless it’s my husband’s attention, I wear to make myself feel a little less every day. 

Do you have a TV?

Yes, I would like to be rid of it but again it’s another issue where we disagree.  I could do with keeping it and getting rid of satellite and using it just for movies or the Wii.  I’m definitely much more strict regarding rules for T.V. use.

Do you have worldly magazines and books in your home?  

  I have books about breast feeding that aren’t written or published by Christians however I do review books and I am very selective on what I choose.  However there has been times when all the information wasn’t disclosed about the book and I’ve begun reading it but couldn’t finish it – these I get rid of.  I do get Woman’s Day and Remedy, which my husband ordered me for free and these I use for the recipes and toss.  Otherwise my magazines are Keepers At Home, TEACH, AEW, HSD, TOS.  My oldest gets American Girl and between the three we do get Nat Geo for children, Turtle, as well as Nature’s Friend.  I do proof read and we either discuss it or I tear out or cover up what they aren’t allowed to read. 

Do your children have worldly toys and interests? 

 There are some toys that I know other Christians feel are bad and wouldn’t allow however we do allow Barbies, Hot Wheels Cars and princesses.  We also allowed our oldest to have her own Nintendo DS.  My girls enjoy tap dancing, ballet and gymnastics and sports.  My son enjoys boy stuff, cars, sports, etc.  There are toys they know they can’t have such as SpongeBob, Bratz, etc and those are promptly disposed of as soon as the giver is out of sight.


TOS Review: Schleich

Vendor Name: Schleich

Vendor Contact Information: Schleich

Name of Product: Schleich Action Figures

Price: varies depending on figure purchased

Age Range:  4 years and up

Other Products Available: Lusitano, Smurf, Knights, and more!

**I was provided figures from Schleich through TOS in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was given.

My family and I were blessed to receive the Schleich figures for a review though The Old Schoolhouse review Crew.  My children really enjoy these figures and they get a prominent display among the Barbies and Matchbox cars as an Okapi can really be a pet.  These figures are so sturdy that any type of play will not destroy them, they are solidly made and I think the Schleich company had my son in mind when making these! 

The production is done in Germany and was founded in 1935 by Friedrich Schleich, in the 1950’s the production focused on cartoons like the Smurfs, Snoopy and others.  In the 1980’s is when the animal figures made their appearance and have become a big hit.  These beautiful figures are life like and capture the beauty that is nature – the elephants can transport a child to the Savannah’s of Africa or to the Wild West with the ponies and frontier buildings.  Designed for play they will also be collected and cherished for years to come and even be passed down as each new generation gets to experience the the Schleich tradition of quality.


"Reborn to Be Wild" by Ed Underwood

Reborn to Be Wildis a message from the heart of the Jesus Movement. Underwood trusted Christ during the early part of the movement, and he feels that the passion and boldness accompanying that period of radical outreach has become ensnared within the abundance of today’s mega-culture. Underwood believes that there are millions from the 60s and 70s embedded in today’s church congregations who are now alarmed at the growing irrelevancy of their lives and their churches. He states that these believers “think they are alone in their discontent with their megachurch Christianity and their mediocre, unexceptional, unexciting lives, but they’re not. This is the book that will express their feelings and show them the way to finish, rekindle, and personally experience what the Jesus Movement started forty years ago.” However, this book is not just for the 60s generation. Underwood wants believers old and young to steep their lives in the Word of God and find out what Jesus wants them to do for Him. He is convinced that by doing this one thing God’s people will feel compelled to sacrificially lay down their lives and once again reach out to the world with the love and unity that reflects Christ’s radically transforming power.
Reborn to Be Wild will guide both individuals and small groups to take an in-depth look into their lives and enable them to determine what has sidetracked their passion for following Jesus. Whether it’s church activities, relationships, or theology, Underwood suggests that there are many lies that believers have accepted as truth, and, as a result, they have lost their passion for living lives devoted to serving Jesus. His latest book takes a close and honest look at the reasons an entire generation of spiritual revolutionaries have settled for political safety and the shelter of the suburbs. Reborn to Be Wild is calling the radical believers who started the revival of the 60s back to the fire that once burned within their hearts. “We had a front row seat to the raw power of God,” says Ed Underwood. His book is the call encouraging these believers and others desiring revival to rekindle that fire and renew their passion to change the world for Jesus Christ.

To view ordering info visit David C. Cook and you’ll also be able to view a small video about the book.

My Opinion:

I have not read this book yet, with being sick and being behind on everything, once it’s read I will post a review.

**I was provided a copy of this book from the B&B Media Group in exchange for posting information and my opinion, no other compensation was given.

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On hiatus

If you are wondering where I went, I’m over at my main blog, Growing For Christ. I’ve decided for the time being it’s too hard to keep two blogs going between all the activities we’re involved in right now. Please come visit me at my other blog for post on homeschooling, homemaking, crafting, parenting, faith and of course reviews.

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Win A Flexi-8!! (closed and winner announced!)

 Sponsored by

The winner is

Heidi with her first comment of:

“There are so many to choose from, but I’m trying to think like Gracie here. I think she would like style 0617. These are really neat”

Congratulations Heidi!!!

Would you like to win your own Flexi-8?  Well then read on for how to win 2 Flexi-8 barrettes!!

First thing I’d like you to do is to learn more about the Flexi-8 by going to my Flexi-8 Review and reading what I had to say about the barrettes.  The link is hyper texted above, however you can also click on the direct link:

Contest open to USA and Canada residents only. 

Make sure to leave a way to contact you!!!

After that:

  1. Go to Flexi-8’s site, watch the video for sizing and come back telling me what style you like (you can just leave the style number)  if you win I’ll contact you regarding the size you’ll need and the style(s) you want.

For Extra Entries:

  • Follow me on Google Friend Connect (if you already are tell me.) See left side bar
  • Friend me on Facebook
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  • Post about the contest on Facebook and leave me the link (click on the time stamp under post that will give you the direct link)
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Contest will end on September 29, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. EST

**I will email the winner at the conclusion and will need the size, style(s), name, address, phone number and email to give to O’Dorsay, Inc so they can mail you the prize directly.


Tomoson Reviews: Flexi-8


I’ve had the recent pleasure of reviewing some beautiful and innovative hair clips put out by O’Dorsay, Inc.  They are called the Flexi-8 so called because of the flexible nature of the hair clip allowing it to sit flush with your hair and head and not digging into it.  The barrette is designed with all hair in mind, thin, thick, curly, fine, straight, and coarse.  Keeping the hair pulled back and out of your face.  The sizes range from mini (2 inches) to extra large (5 1/4 inches) to accommodate all types of hair – these are practically made just for you, as you have to watch a video to decide which size you would need.

They stay in your hair via a little slide, at least that is how I would describe it.  The bar slides under your hair and then secures by little notches in the bar to the barrette.  If you want something to jazz up that ponytail then the Flexi-8 will give you what you want – they come in so many different designs and colors from the simple to the extravagant.  The Flexi-8 barrette will allow you to do a French twist, 1/2 up pony tail, pony tail,  and tails up. 

I really enjoyed using these, however I couldn’t get mine to stay in my hair very well.  I’m not sure if it was because I was using the wrong size or if it is because my hair is very long (to my hips if not longer) so the weight of it wasn’t supported.  My girls used them and they stayed in their hair much better than in mine and they liked having something other than the regular hair band in.  The Flexi-8 provides such a fun and non-painful (think no more claws digging in when you use the head rest in the car) way of putting up your hair where even every day hairstyles become something more!

Here’s something special for my readers if you’d like to try the Flexi-8 barrettes yourself I have a product code that will allow you 10% off your order or to buy 4 Flexi-8’s and get the 5th one FREE!  Make sure you watch the movie to show how to determine what size you’ll need and when you order use this Coupon Code: 543626

**I was provided this product from O’Dorsay, Inc through Tomoson in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was given.

This Product Was a Free Giveaway

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Winner for the Hands-On Bible!!!

Cover: Hands-On Bible NLT (Updated Edition)

I have the winner for the ceritificate for the free Hands-On Bible





It is Crystal over at the beautiful blog, Created for Home.


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