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Tomoson Reviews: Flexi-8

on September 22, 2010


I’ve had the recent pleasure of reviewing some beautiful and innovative hair clips put out by O’Dorsay, Inc.  They are called the Flexi-8 so called because of the flexible nature of the hair clip allowing it to sit flush with your hair and head and not digging into it.  The barrette is designed with all hair in mind, thin, thick, curly, fine, straight, and coarse.  Keeping the hair pulled back and out of your face.  The sizes range from mini (2 inches) to extra large (5 1/4 inches) to accommodate all types of hair – these are practically made just for you, as you have to watch a video to decide which size you would need.

They stay in your hair via a little slide, at least that is how I would describe it.  The bar slides under your hair and then secures by little notches in the bar to the barrette.  If you want something to jazz up that ponytail then the Flexi-8 will give you what you want – they come in so many different designs and colors from the simple to the extravagant.  The Flexi-8 barrette will allow you to do a French twist, 1/2 up pony tail, pony tail,  and tails up. 

I really enjoyed using these, however I couldn’t get mine to stay in my hair very well.  I’m not sure if it was because I was using the wrong size or if it is because my hair is very long (to my hips if not longer) so the weight of it wasn’t supported.  My girls used them and they stayed in their hair much better than in mine and they liked having something other than the regular hair band in.  The Flexi-8 provides such a fun and non-painful (think no more claws digging in when you use the head rest in the car) way of putting up your hair where even every day hairstyles become something more!

Here’s something special for my readers if you’d like to try the Flexi-8 barrettes yourself I have a product code that will allow you 10% off your order or to buy 4 Flexi-8’s and get the 5th one FREE!  Make sure you watch the movie to show how to determine what size you’ll need and when you order use this Coupon Code: 543626

**I was provided this product from O’Dorsay, Inc through Tomoson in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was given.

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