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TOS Crew: PG Key

on October 27, 2010

Vendor Name: PG Key

Vendor Contact Information: 1-800-301-8698 

 Name of Product: PG Key

Price of Product: $49.99 

Age Range: all ages

Other Products from Vendor: n/a

If you are like me and have children who use the computer then the PG Key is a tool you’ll need!  Even if your computer is in a common area of the house you still cannot be monitoring every chat conversation or every post on their Twitter account and that is where PG Key comes into play.  It takes only a few minutes to install and then your children know that you are watching even if you aren’t leaning over their shoulder every few minutes.  Simply plug into an available USB port and it will load automatically and from there you can set up accounts and protection specifics.  If you’re like me and have only one USB port I did remove the PG Key when I need to use my flash drive but my children could not access the computer until I plugged the PG Key back in.

Some of what the PG Key can do:

  • Block Content
  • Review Sites Visited
  • No monthly fee
  • Key word notification
  • and more!

PG Key will record up to 60 hours on computer activity, online and offline, and you’ll be able to watch it back like a video slide show.  You’ll see any chats, social network visits, emails, games, all of it – whether or not your child can be trusted there are others out there who can’t be and will do anything to get at your child – PG Key can give you a little more peace of mind.  By setting up separate accounts for each child or family member you can allot a certain amount of time and once that time up they’re done, unless you give them more time.  With no monthly fee and only one PG Key needed for each computer this is a great solution for families who want added security.

**I was provided a PG Key by the PG Key company in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was given.


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