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Christmas Presents Post 1

on November 27, 2010

My blog has been scraped. If you are reading this post on any website other than Growing For Christ you are reading stolen material.

Yep, post 1 😀  This Christmas we’re aiming to do more of the homemade thing, we started doing this a few years ago but I’d like to keep doing it so we eventually give all handmade gifts.  I know not everyone appreciates the handmade gifts but so much love and time goes into each gift that, to me, these are the best presents to give and receive. 

These are the Crayon rolls I made via a pattern I bought at Adam’s Blankie Etsy store  These are being given to my friend Micki’s children who just happens to have two girls and a boy and are close in age with my two girls and boy!  Christian got to pick out her son’s fabric and each girl got to pick out her girl’s fabric.

Please don’t mind any paint spots or other crafting materials behind the completed gifts – during the Christmas season my kitchen table is turned into craft central.

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4 responses to “Christmas Presents Post 1

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  2. Those are great gifts! I’m sure the children will enjoy them.

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  4. […] I think by now my readers are probably realizing how much I’ve come to enjoy sewing – especially presents for others.  I have a friend who is going to be getting a Kindle on December 25th and I wanted to give her a beautiful cover for her Kindle so I’m excited to get together with this dear friend and her children – you can see their gifts here about Crayon Rolls. […]

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