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MamaBuzz Review: "The Autism Sisterhood" by Michele Brook

on November 30, 2010

I just finished a great book for those who have a child with Autism or an ASD title “The Autism Sisterhood” and what’s great about it is that it’s short, VERY short, this is a book that can be finished in about 2 hours or less if you don’t digest it all first and come back later.  While I don’t have a child who has Autism I do have a child whose behavior somewhat mimics an ASD – this is not an official diagnosis though and homeschooling allows me to better serve that child.

This book is written for moms and dads who don’t have the time to sit uninterrupted for long periods to read a help book on their child.  It is written for those who may suspect their child has some form of Autism but haven’t sought out a diagnosis or just want to help their child on their own.  With tips on how to help a child, whether it’s your own, a niece or nephew or other child who is in your life this book will give you tips on schedules (be constant) and other issues relating to the challenges of raising a child who has Autism and remembering that Autism isn’t the child.

Another item I’d like to note about this book is the author really stresses the need to be in conversation with the child.  Not talking down to him or her but getting them engaged in the conversation, even if they may not answer you right away.  Discussing even the most mundane things opens doors to educational experiences.  Another reason I’m glad I can homeschool my children, whether or not they have Autism, is the discussions that doesn’t happen in schools.  Children with Autism and in general need to know they are heard and that their parents  want to talk to them and this book really stresses the need for that with children who have Autism.

**This is a Mama Buzz review.  I was provided a copy of “The Autism Sisterhood” by the author in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was given.


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