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Mystery of History and Apologia Astronomy Updates

on November 30, 2010

My blog has been scraped. If you are reading this post on any website other than Growing For Christ you are reading stolen material.

We’re still having fun with the Mystery of History curriculum, since this a curriculum that I can include all 3 children in on most days it makes it fun for the whole family.  Some things, like the memory cards I don’t have Christian complete but the girls both have their own sets.  Some of the activities are very much able to be integrated with even the youngest members of our family and all three enjoy listening to the text as I read it aloud and looking at the pictures. 

On assignment was to make a map and to make it look ancient (I haven’t taken pictures of the finished ones yet).  Here are the girls crumpling their maps and dyeing them with tea:

The girls dunking their maps:

They also got to make a pyramid.  There were directions included in the text but the girls had a Usborne Egyptian kit so we used the shiny pyramid paper in that.  Hannah’s is first then Bethanne’s:

We’re using Apologia Astronomy and the girls are finally caught up to each other which means less teaching for me LOL  We have completed the Venus unit and an experiment was to demonstate a volcano using flour and melted butter.  All three joined in and thought it looked neat after the butter congealed:

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3 responses to “Mystery of History and Apologia Astronomy Updates

  1. stillearning says:

    This looks like SO much fun! I also like your kindle cover, very pretty.

    • Sarah says:

      Pam – it is! The girls were disappointed when I told them we were going to take a break from it the next couple weeks and focus on just the basics. There are so many hands-on activities I have a hard time deciding what we’ll do or not 🙂

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