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MamaBuzz Tour: TheraBreath (review and giveaway)

on March 30, 2011

I think everyone has a concern that their breath may stink when they go out or start a conversation – I know I do – so when I had the chance to the review TheraBreath brand I was excited.  TheraBreath was designed to provide a way to solve bad breath and a bad tasting mouth (I myself am making no medical claims, however TheraBreath does offer a gauruntee on their products).

I was given three products to try and the first is the toothpaste – which has been specifically designed to target the bacteria that cause bad breath.  I was a bit skeptical at first since you are supposed to use this on a dry brush, I much prefer to use a wet brush but for the sake of the review I followed the directions.  I must admit I was very pleased (my children still can’t get over the dry brush thing and they haven’t used it) even the flavor was pleasant, not overwhelming or too strong like most other toothpastes on the market.  The toothpaste sells for $10.50 for a 4 ounce tube and it does not contain alcohol, saccharin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or Benzalkonium Chloride.

The next product was the oral rinse, this is to be used in conjunction with the toothpaste and for best results be used twice a day.  I did not follow all the directions on this one, meaning you’re supposed to rince twice – one as a swish and the second as a gargle.  I’ve never been one to gargle as it’s too easy for me to swallow whatever it was I was supposed to gargle.  This has a very mild mint taste and does not burn – which is great if you’re sensitive to that.  It does contain baking soda and while I did know that I couldn’t taste it, but I also do brush with baking soda on occassions for whitening power.  This sells for $10.50 for a 16 ounce bottle and like the tootpaste does not contain the following: alcohol, saccharin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or Benzalkonium Chloride.

The next was the TheraBreath mouth watering lozenges which sell for $13.00 for a 100 piece box.  These are wonderful!  I don’t normally enjoy orange or citrus flavors but combined with the mint it made for a very mild taste which was perfect for me.  Since there is no regular sugar it is approved for diabetics which is also a great thing for myself.  I did allow my children to try these and while my oldest does enjoy them the other two thought they were “hot”, meaning for their senistive mouths they had too much mint.  I like to carry a couple in my purse at all times.

The other item of interest to me is that the ingredients used in most of the products are natural – there are no artificial sweetners like splenda, aspartame, etc which can have harmful and unpleasant side effects.  The use of natural sweetners like sorbitol, xylitol and rebiana is an excellent form of sweetner without being bitter or unpleasant.

**This is a MamaBuzz Review.  I was provided TheraBreath products by the TheraBreath company in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.

Giveaway Time!!!!

This is open to U.S. residents only and adults ages 18 and over.

One of my readers will win 1 tube of the above mentioned toothpaste AND 1 bottle of the above mentioned oral rinse.

You must do #1 first before doing the other entries

To enter do one or more of the following and leave a seperate comment for each one before April 11, 2011 at 12 noon EST

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Again this open to U.S. residents ages 18 and over – winner must respond within 48 hours or they forfeit the prize and another winner will be choosen


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  1. stillearning says:

    I would love to try their products. I’ve only recently seen them I have no idea where. I would love to try the toothpaste.

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