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Finalized list of 2011-2012 curriculum

on July 21, 2011

I’m very eclectic which works well since I also do reviews and can switch and implement as needed with other curriculum through the year, however this does not play into the paper work I submit to the super of our school district and for all intents and purposes this is what we will be using this year.

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I’m not listing every single literature selection (I’ve been faulted on this by a reader however I’ll give you a few selections we’ll be aiming to cover this year).  So here is my list of intended curriculum:

Bible/Character Studies:

The Holy Bible – this may be NIV, KJV, or even The Action Bible.  My goal right now is to make the Bible and God’s gift of Salvation understandable for all my children.

Keys for Kids Devotional

Proverbs for Parenting: A Topical Guide for Child Raising from the Book of Proverbs

Various biographies and autobiographies of missionaries and church history from the library such as:

Janet Benge books: (these are just two of the many available)

Christian Focus Publications

Language Arts:

Penmanship copy work from various online sources to be printed out.

Song School Latin

Prima Latina: Introduction to Christian Lation

Flip Flop Spanish

Hola Mis Amigos (Hello My Friends) Spanish

Natural Speller

Writing Tales Level One

History and Geography:

Mystery of History: Creation to the Resurrection

Mystery of History: Early Church and the Middle Ages

Star-Spangled Book and Workbook

The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide


Rod and Staff Working Arithmetic

Rod and Staff Progressing with Arithmetic

Times Tales

Various math games and worksheets found at the library or on the Internet.

Science and Health:

Exploring Creation with Botany

Beautiful Girlhood

Lesson in Responsibility for Girls

Developing Good Health

Proper Manners and Health Habits 2

Nutrition 101: Choose Life a Family Nutrition and Health Guide



Additional books and other resources available at the local library.

Physical Education:

Community and church sports, soccer, basketball, softball

AWANA games



Contemporary Worship Dance

Wii Sports and other physically active games

Outdoor play and walks

Fine Arts:

Classical Music CD’s

ARTistic Pursuits

Discovering Great Artists

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composers series

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists series

First Aid, Safety, and Fire Prevention

First Aid

Water, Bike and traffic safety

Home and kitchen safety

Personal and family fire prevention

Resources available from Police and Fire stations as well as the Clark County Fair.


Okay here are some of the literature selections I plan on including this year, this is not all inclusive but will give you an idea of what I plan for this year:

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

Animal Farm by George Orwell (Hannah, maybe)


The Last Days of Socrates by Plato

Greek Myths (Hannah, maybe)

I think this will give a good idea of what we plan to be studying over the next school year, it does appear I take a more Classical approach to education but we don’t do a lot of oral work – however I do plan on adding more into Hannah’s day.  Hannah does not do Latin, but Bethanne seems to thrive in fact she wanted me to add French into the school year but I decided working on English reading/writing as well as Spanish and Latin would be enough for this year – at least for mom LOL

I haven’t left Christian out, who will be working on a K/1st grade level, but I don’t have to notify for him this year but with him I plan on using the following:




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