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MamaBuzz Review: Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Simple (discount code)

on July 26, 2011

Does your child have a speech impediment or even just a not very clear way of saying a certain letter or letters?  Then I suggest you look in to Super Star Speech, which is written by Deborah Lott who is a licensed speech language pathologist and also has a Master’s degree in Education/speech pathology.  Deborah Lott knows that most parents can’t afford a private speech therapy tutor nor do many homeschoolers want to go through their public school systems, and as a home educator herself, set out to make a program that parents can do on their own, at home, with no training and do it inexpensively.

Each of my children have a certain way of pronouncing letters that make them sound odd, such as my son, if you asked him to say “lilly” it would sound like “wiwly”.  My oldest if she says “Christian” it sounds like “Kristen” and vice versa, my middle daughter has a range of trouble letters especially those that are combined like ‘sh’ so if she says my son’s middle name, Ashe, it well sounds like something she shouldn’t say.  These are not issues that will keep them from leading productive and long lives but as my oldest is finding out, can be slightly embarrassing especially when she is corrected by friends.

Enter Super Star Speech, I choose the e-book titled Speech Therapy Made Simple which encompasses letters and combination sounds; P and B, T and D, N, K and G, NG, F and V, L,  SH, CH and J, TH, S and Z, and R.  There are individual books titled Super Star R and L, Super Star S, Z and Sh, and a set of all three.  Since I have three children all with varying degrees of issues I chose the all inclusive one that can help with all three of my children, especially at this time, my oldest since she seems to be more bothered by it.

Don’t be worried if you have no training with speech therapy, this book is written for the parent who has no idea how to get started.  Isn’t that like most of us when we began homeschooling?  We learned and we are succeeding – this is the same idea, we do it because our children need us too.  You will start out reading the introduction where the author will help ease your mind and get you ready to begin speech therapy with your child or children – it is very fear calming.

After the introduction, you’ll read through the articulation test, and I recommend reading this through two or three times before actually doing the test and making sure you have any copies you’ll need for your child(ren) before getting started.  Complete, step-by-step, directions are given for administering the test as well as recording the responses given (a sample filled-in response sheet is included).  The response sheet is given for ages 3 through 7 years, however I had no issues using it with my 9 year old.  The therapy plan is also included, again with clear instructions, and lesson planning forms to carry forth the therapy and recording results.  Also included are therapy games and activities, as well as practice pages and 240 picture cards – all to help in the therapy.

There are three ways to purchase the book, the ring (spiral) bound version for $18.95, 3-ring binder for $22.95 and the e-book version for $12.95.  All three ways will make copying the pages needed for your children easy and effortless and no risk of breaking the binding!   Right now through August 20, 2011 there is free shipping with the United States and for my readers you can get a 20% discount on purchases at Super Star Speech by using the code: mamabuzz , again that is only for purchases made at Super Star Speech.

**This is a MamaBuzz Review.  I received a copy of this product from Super Star Speech in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given or implied.


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  1. Debbie says:

    Thanks for your review! I enjoyed reading your thoughts about Super Star Speech!

    D. Lott

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