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More 4-H pictures and fun at the fair.

on July 28, 2011

It seems we’ve been sleeping and eating 4H the last couple weeks!  It’s been fun and busy and fun and…..well you get the idea!  Tuesday the 26th was the winner’s review and then Wednesday the 27th was Cloverbud show and tell.  The only thing left to do now is to tear down our booth on Saturday morning.

Here is the pictures I could get of Hannah receiving her 2nd place ribbon.

This is our booth, some of the items started falling due to the heat (we were having heat indices into the 100’s) so the glue wasn’t staying up real well.

Hannah in front of our booth with her 2nd place ribbon.

Bethanne did a lapbook on Butterflies for her Cloverbud project.  This was easy since she’s the only Cloverbud this year!  Christian will be joining in for next year though.

Show and Tell for Cloverbuds is a non-competitive way to get the children used to talking about their club and their projects.  Due to the way birthday’s fall, all three of mine have or will spend 3 years as a Cloverbud.  The last year is the longest as they are old enough to be a regular 4-Her but due to the cut off date they can’t do it.  This was Bethanne’s 2nd year and her first year with a new club.  The volunteer asks them questions about their club (name, adviser, etc), general 4H knowledge (what do the H’s stand for, what are the colors, motto, etc) and to see what they learned while doing their project.  It’s very low key and every child recieves a ribbon depending upon on the year they are in and a goody bag (didn’t take a picture of that but they were VERY nice this year).

Here is Bethanne talking about her project:

Bethanne in front our booth after show and tell w/project:

All three of my children, this has become something of a tradition, I wish I would have thought to bring Hannah’s ribbon. (you can kind of see the goody bags hanging on the girls, the regular 4Her’s received one as well at their judging).  Cloverbuds get some little prizes inside theirs like a piece of candy, activity book, temporary tattoos, etc.

After show and tell, we spent some time at the fair with my mom.  The children had to ride some rides so with many thanks to my mom she bought them some ride tickets.  I didn’t ride as I was worried with the heat and the motion I’d be sick but the children enjoyed them.  Pay close attention to the facial expressions of the children on the slide!

We went through the barns and Christian liked the goats and sheep:

Christian and Bethanne enjoy the sheriff’s booth where you can climb inside an old fashioned type of paddy wagon:

The children entered a floral arranging contest (Wednesday is Kid’s Day, where they have some activities going on for them).  They weren’t allowed to pick their flowers until everyone else had gone (I have my suspicions why, but won’t get into it) so they got some bottom of the barrel type flowers but we were surprised when we came back to see who won and found Christian and Bethanne won 2nd in their age categories and Hannah won 1st!

Christian’s – I didn’t get a chance to get him in motion:

Hannah’s is on the left, Christian’s is in the middle and Bethanne’s is on the right.

So this concludes our time at the fair.  Now I’m ready for next year, well maybe come Saturday I will be LOL

I will say I never thought we’d be a part of 4-H, it is time consuming, so it’s a commitment and one not to be taken lightly but it also requires the children to learn the value of seeing something through to it’s finish and doing a job well done.  As a first time adviser this year, I’ve learned a lot to, and not just about butterflies and guinea pigs but what is needed to make a club run smoothly.  I’ve got ideas for next year already 🙂  I was not in 4H as a child but I’m so glad that I got our children involved, our past club and now our new club are both Christian and with our new club having only 5 members it worked well.


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  1. Julie says:

    I love looking at photos. I really like the project boards all decked out. Our DDs would really like the butterfly set up. We may do one this year for our co-op science fair. What did you include and what information did you present?

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