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Book Review: "Hey Kids, Want Some Chocolates?: My Family's Journey to Freedom" by Melitta Strandberg w/George E Pfautsch

on September 29, 2011

About the book from Hey Kids Book:

There are few fictional stories that can match the true story of the Mohr family and their long quest for freedom which began in Romania as World War II was getting underway. Their journey from Romania to Weimar Germany would begin a perilous four years in the lives of the parents and their children, especially Melitta. She vanished into a Nazi institution on the day of her birth and would not be seen again by her family for six months. The miraculous circumstances of the reunion with her family would alone make a compelling story. But the dangerous adventures did not end. Their experiences in Weimar, which was also home to the notorious Buchenwald concentration camp, were among the worst that could occur to any family. Later, the family would be confronted with another decision between the time Patton’s Third Army liberated Buchenwald and Weimar and before the region would be turned over to the Soviet Union. Their efforts to catch the last train from Weimar to Augsburg, West Germany, are captivating.

My Opinion:

Short and succinct is the first thought that entered my head when I first began reading it but it is more than that.  It is a family’s tale of survival, hope, Faith and ultimately freedom from the terrors of Hitler’s regime.  While it wasn’t surprising that Melitta was taken from her mother’s arms what is surprising is her unexpected return six months later.  She and her family never know what atrocities were exacted upon the infant but authorities wanted to keep her so bad telling her parents she was dead.

Short on details but big on family history is what makes this story a great reminder of the things of the past, lest they be repeated again.  It doesn’t read like a classic but more of a journal of someone wanting to capture what is left of their history before it vanishes, but it still keeps the reader engaged throughout.  I read this in just under two hours which is great for an older child who is studying about World War II or for a busy adult.

As we enter a time period where the Holocaust, Hitler and Nazi’s are being omitted from the history books and people are denying the Holocaust ever happened, this book will give a new look on a sad and horrible time in history, and one that can’t be denied.  If you’d like to buy your own copy you can visit Hey Kids Book to order a signed copy for $9.00 plus shipping or Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and Author House.

**I was provided a copy of this book through Bostick Communications in exchange for my honest review,no other compensation was given.

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