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Science Museum Fun

on November 16, 2011

On Friday the 11th the children and I went with my mom to COSI (Center of Science and Industry) which is a cool hands-on children’s museum.  Of course we were hoping schools were in session even though it was Veteran’s Day – but that wasn’t to be but since we drove 40 minutes to Columbus we decided to brave it, little did we know there was a business hosting a conference there as well.  I think the adults in the group forgot they were in a museum geared primarily for children – as they weren’t paying the children any mind.  I digress.  We decided after taking in the 3-D movie African Adventure: Safari in the Okavango to go to lunch at the near by Spaghetti Warehouse – which at 1:30 was also very packed.

There was a Dora the Explorer exhibit and after stopping in and looking around decided that it was too young for my children.  Although Christian and Bethanne did find a couple things that held their interest for a bit – including pictures with Dora, smelling the flowers, a climbing wall and monkey bars (Hannah was too big for them but she tried it anyway LOL)

At the risk of sounding hohchmeedich (Pennsylvania Deitsh for proud) I have to say I loved the expression on the COSI volunteer’s face when my children were watching a traveling exhibit on air pressure.  The young girl asked if they knew what air pressure was and/or how it works.  My 5 year old proceeded to tell her “yes, it’s like when you put air in your tire on your car”.  She looked at me (I had a big smile as did Grandma) then back to him before saying “wow, I never thought of it like that!”  I have to say I couldn’t keep myself from thinking that if he were in school that this learning would have been stifled and even discouraged.

We had a fun day even though it was busy and of course the children are begging to go back.

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