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Christmas Present – if you are my 7 year old daughter quit reading NOW!

on December 1, 2011

We decided to break down and buy her the new Kindle, well we didn’t buy it, but she is getting it for Christmas.  I should write another post on how we’ve managed to buy Christmas presents for our children for almost nothing.  I will say I’m thankful to surveys that has allowed us to ‘buy’ items that if we were paying for it ourselves rather than earned gift cards  the children wouldn’t get them.

Well after convincing my husband that a Kindle would be a great gift and that she can use it now as well as when she’s an adult, he couldn’t argue that.  I presented the facts and he agreed it would be a good gift.  If he had said no I’d have to be okay with that but I’m glad he agreed.

So I made her a cover for her Kindle (I just have to be sure to give her the Kindle first before the cover).  Using the same pattern I used here for my sister in law.  I’m thinking I may have been off on my seam allowance because it’s still big but I’ll fix that once she opens it and the Kindle so I can fit it real good.

She loves penguins.  I think she’ll like this what do you think?

Oh and at the chance of a shameless plug – if you’d like a cover for your Nook, Kindle or iPad I can do that.  Nook and Kindles are $15.00 plus shipping and the iPad is $20.00 plus shipping


One response to “Christmas Present – if you are my 7 year old daughter quit reading NOW!

  1. Writer Rani says:

    That looks cute. We have been thinking about getting a Kindle, but for loading flower, grass, birds and tree books to help with identification when we are out in the field.

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