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More handmade Christmas **DO NOT look if you are family or my inlaws!**

on December 19, 2011

As I’ve said before we are striving to be as debt free this Christmas and we’ve done that by making more presents.  So far my SIL’s and my 7 year old have a homemade gift under the tree.  We had to figure out something for my dad and step-mom, my mom, my BIL and his wife and my brother and SIL.

I know you’re dying to know……but first if you don’t like wine, the mention of wine, hillbillies please stop reading as I don’t need any nasty comments.  Thank you!

My brother and SIL and my BIL and his wife will be getting………

a beautiful set of handmade hillbilly wine glasses complete with a classy marble in the stem – we also threw in a sparkling wild berry juice.

Now what will my dad and step-mom and my MIL and FIL be getting – we actually have something else but I haven’t take a picture yet so that will be another post!

These are glass blocks that light up with the OSU logo.  My husband, being the talented man he is, did the bows!  (He told me to make sure I give him credit for the bows)

So that is what we’ve done so far.  I’ll be posting on another gift that the children made for the grandparents and was Pinterest inspired!


3 responses to “More handmade Christmas **DO NOT look if you are family or my inlaws!**

  1. SandySays1 says:

    Love the ingenuity. But, I don’t understand the Hill-Billy reference. Those glasses would grace anyone’s table. Seems to me the HB’s would be complemented. Putting some of yourself in a present sure does add sentiment for both the giver and receiver.

    • ohiosarah says:

      The hillbilly reference comes from the fact that you use mason jars to make them, so instead of just drinking sweet iced tea from a plain mason jar you have added a candle holder to create a stem. My husband and I come from a long line of Mountain Williams so we really liked the idea but didn’t want to shell out the money some were charging in boutique stores for them LOL

  2. pebblekeeper says:

    Love the wine glasses! and – kudos to the bow maker! Wandering over from Creation conversations!

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