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The Gentleness Challenge – Week 3 – Anger Management

on January 18, 2012


Did you read my post from last week?  If not hop over and read my Week 2 post I tried to live up to the challenge of smile more, hug more and slow down.  It didn’t work that way – I have a TON of excuses, I fed off my husband’s anger, my son wouldn’t listen, Bethanne wanted to call her brother names, Hannah gets a little too bossy some times, etc.  However, the Lord isn’t going to listen to my excuses – He doesn’t want my excuses for why I yelled at my children, why I grabbed my son’s arm when he washed his mouth out for some unknown reason for the 1,000th time that day.  He wants to know that I’m trying, I’m trying to control my anger.

There is righteous anger.

Anger at my children isn’t righteous, nor is it productive – it’s counter productive.

I think it stems from how I was raised – oops, another excuse

In my reading for the H.E.A.R.T study I read that when I feel like yelling or getting angry, pray.

Really?  Pray.  This might work when I’m home alone with the children but a momentary pause if son is acting up while my husband is home in my dealing with the issue could become explosive.  Husband at son, son at husband, me at son, me at husband – ugh the cycle.

Yep, we need more prayer in our house and it has to begin with me.  Prayer.  It can heal the hurts.  Prayer can control the anger.  Prayer can bring peace.  So in order to control my anger this week and on into the future I’ll remember to pray.

So if you see me out and my children are throwing a tantrum, no I’m not ignoring it, I’m praying.

I’m praying so that my child will stop and listen to the Lord.

I’m praying so that I can listen to the Lord in how to handle the child.

I’m praying that I don’t speak out of turn when you or the stranger two aisles over who is making a comment like “why can’t she control her child?”

I’m praying so that as I leave the store with a crying child that I can stand strong and leave a testimony in my child’s heart as well as those around us that I love my child, that I am training them up and one day all the anger I’ve gone through will dispell and the fruit that comes from this trial will be one of three godly adults that I can turn out into the world knowing they are following Christ, anger free.


One response to “The Gentleness Challenge – Week 3 – Anger Management

  1. Laraba says:

    I think another challenge is that kids go through stages. Our 4 yo suddenly leaped into a “difficult” stage. She has suddenly gotten stubborn and disobedient. Of course she has had her moments in life, but just the last week it seems like she decided to see if Mom is serious about following through on directions. She’s such a smart little cookie and knows I’m distracted, and sometimes will just drift off instead of doing what I told her too. It takes SUCH energy and consistency and godly patience to respond wisely and well to that kind of thing, especially when I’m worn out by other things.

    May God bless us both with wisdom and peaceful homes. (And really, now when I see a kid having a tantrum in public I think the parents are probably doing something right, as in not bribing the child but following through on something important :-).)

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