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TOS Crew Review: We Choose Virtues

on January 18, 2012


Vendor Name:  We Choose Virtues

Vendor ContactWe Choose Virtues Contact Page

Name of ProductVirtue Clue Cards, Teacher’s Handbook, Kids of Virtueville Coloring Book, Family Character Assessment and Kids Memory Verses, Bible Heroes and Truths

Price:  $5.99, $4.99, $3.00, free and free

Age Range:  early childhood – elementary

Other Products:  Posters, Kits (class room, home school, family), stickers, charts


If you’re like me you’re probably trying your best to instill Christian virtues in your children, some days are harder than others like when your son is yelling at the top of his lungs or the others calling names.  Enter We Choose Virtues, the product is based on the concept of teaching virtues to children (their products go up to the late teens) but doing it in a fun way that sticks with the children so they actually retain what they learn.

With the Virtue Clue Cards you’ll get 12 cards that cover the virtues of:

  • Diligent
  • Helpful
  • Perseverant
  • Gentle
  • Content
  • Attentive
  • Honest
  • Kind
  • Self-Controlled
  • Patient
  • Obedient
  • Forgiving

The cards come in a protective plastic case that seals with a hook and loop closure.  They are colorful and even as tiny as they are (2 X 3.5 inches) they pack a good deal of virtue on every card.  Each virtue/card has a character such as Forgiving is Feather Heather to make remembering fun and easy.  The front side of the card will help your children (and the whole family) remember the catch phrases on the go and the back side enables you to train the children to not have to rely on constant reminders (AKA nagging).  These fit perfectly in a purse or pocket for the on the go teach moments and reminders as well.  The illustrations are eye catching and even I enjoyed learning along with the children.


The Teacher’s Handbook that helps you in better understanding how to teach virtues both in your family and in your home, it is 48 pages of great information and tips.  I received the download copy and even on my tablet the colors are vibrant and it was a pleasure to read through the book and get tips and hints on how to better instill the virtues in the cards.  Some additional resources are suggested but it is up to your discretion to purchase those.

The coloring book is what one would expect it to be, black and white so that the children can color it in.  Each page features one of the characters that are on the cards like Feather Heather, Chuck and Duck, Cake Jake, and more.  With each character it has their name, the virtue and something that represents their virtue like for Content with Cake Jake – he is shown eating a  cake, wouldn’t it have been better to have a slice than the whole cake?  Have the children color the pages while you do a short lesson on that virtue and display them around the home or in their rooms so they have a reminder to be honest, forgiving or content.  The illustrations are easy for the youngest member to color and challenging enough even I had fun coloring the pages.


The Family Character Assessment is to be used for each member of the family, mom, dad and children and it’s recommended to do it at the beginning of each time that We Choose Virtues is taught.  You’d go through each and circle the number that corresponds to where you or the child is at such as 1 is needs work and 10 is doing great.  The Memory Verses, Bible Heroes and Truths sheet is a great way to see who in the Bible matches up with that virtue and really puts a Biblical and real life spin on that virtue.  For diligent the Bible heroine is Ruth and the memory verse is Proverbs 14:23, you can also read the books or segments of Scripture that are suggested next to each Bible Truth or Hero/Heroine for a more in depth study for an older child.

I can say that we will definitely be continuing using these cards and other resources as I struggle to raise godly children who can treat themselves and each other with respect.  If you really want to start teaching virtues then I would suggest you check out We Choose Virtues and if you want to see what other homeschooling parents have to say then check out The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew Blog.

**This is a TOS Crew Review.  I was given the above products free of charge from We Choose Virtues to facilitate my honest review, no other compensation was given.


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