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Study of I Peter: I Peter 2:4-10

on January 29, 2012

In this week’s study I read about the royal priesthood that we are all a part of, if we are Believers in Christ.  For me, being a priest conjures up men behind pulpits lovingly directing their flocks so that they can better enable us to understand His Word and live it.

The definition of Priest is one authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion especially as a mediatory agent between humans and God; specifically : an Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, or Roman Catholic clergyman ranking below a bishop and above a deacon (from Merriam Webster)

If we look at the definition that focuses on a person who can perform sacred rites and can act as a mediator between us and God then I can better see myself as part of this royal priest hood that Peter speaks of.  Does that mean I need to run out and start my own church?  No, God does speak of this and women’s role in the church, so how can women be priests?

Now before anyone starts getting their hackles up – I’m not saying that I think women should preach over men (this will probably get me in trouble too) or that we should have our own church, but we can still be priests.

I struggled with writing this post but as I worked my way through the study this week I realized that the Bible wasn’t meaning just priests who guide their churches but anyone who shares the Gospel.  As a woman I can share the Gospel.

I can share with other women.

I can share with my children and other children.

I can point men to the place or person they need to speak with.

I can give my testimony.

I can be a mediator – praying for those who need prayer and going before the Throne of Christ and interceding on their behalf.

I have a ministry in my house – I’m the priest while my husband is gone, and sometimes while he is here but I try to make sure I don’t usurp his position as leader.  I’m to teach my children the ways of the Lord – how better to do that than having them with me 24 hours a day and homeschooling?

Right now my ministry is my house, my children, my husband.  This has caused issues for me when I’m in a church (which we aren’t right now).  Everyone thinks I should be involved with the children’s ministry (even if we don’t use the children’s ministry), the women’s Bible study, the Wednesday night prayer meeting – they forget I’m a mom and wife.

God didn’t tell me that I have to join every ministry in the church and then sacrifice my family upon that altar.  My ministry right now is the ministry of being a mom and a wife.  One of these days my children will be grown and beginning their own ministries as spouses and parents.  One of these days I’ll be able to do more, but for now, my calling, my ministry, my God ordained priest hood is in the home.

I’m to guide the flock that He has blessed me with.

I’m not saying that we should always turn down ministries within the church, by all means if God is laying it on your heart to teach your child’s Sunday School class so you can ensure His Word is being taught then by all means BUT if that ministry comes to the detriment of my ministry of being mom and wife then it’s not of God.

My heart longs for foreign mission work.  Until the time comes that the Lord makes it feasible for us to do so as a family and the Lord makes the way clear – I’ll be content with my ministry to my family.  Of course our family can also minister to those who need it, but for now my main ministry is to raise my children.

**I am participating in the I Peter blog tour and I was provided a copy of the Inductive Bible Study in exchange for posting about my experiences with the study for nine weeks, no other compensation was given.


One response to “Study of I Peter: I Peter 2:4-10

  1. OrganicElle says:

    Thank you for this! I need the reminder a lot that even though I am asked to do or serve in some way at the church doesn’t mean that I am meant to do that. Sometimes I find myself saying yes just because I am asked to do or be apart of something. I actually took a big step this weekend and within the last month by stepping down from two positions, one that I knew my heart was not in, and another that I knew I needed to take a break from until I found where I was being called to serve within the church.

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