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TOS Crew Review: See-n-Spell

on February 12, 2012

Vendor Name:  See-n-Read

Vendor ContactSee-n-Read Contact page

Name of ProductSee-n-Spell

Price:  $9.99

Age Range:  4th grade and up

“Mom! How do you spell…………….?”

I know I feel your pain.  The one thing that is a common question in our house during school time is how to spell a word.  And when I answer sound it out or look it up it’s met with more groans and cries of anguish than an extra math lesson.

Enter See-n-Spell.  A 40 page booklet that is big on the usefulness, whether it’s for 4th graders, 10th graders or even adults, this booklet is one to keep handy for those writing lessons or story writing.  Although if you have a 2nd grader who is reading and needing help with spelling I can attest to it that they to can use this guide with success.

The book is arranged in three sections the first concentrating on the alphabetical order of how each word functions as well as grammar skills such as whether the word is a noun, irregular verb, adjective and the others as well as what each of these grammar functions do in the usage. So if the word is a pronoun the booklet would also make it easy to remember or refresh that a pronoun are words that join tow or more words, phrases or clauses.  The second section is commonly misspelled words that are also organized alphabetically and the last section is for special interest words that the student wants to add to the booklet.

Also included with the purchase of the See-n-Spell booklet is the See-n-Read tool.  It is suggested that as the child finds the word they are looking for that they place the See-n-Read tool and the window will aid in focusing on that word.  The tool also makes word and line skipping less of a frustration while reading a book or text.  I will say that while I will use this tool more with my highly dis-tractable daughter my 4th grader and I didn’t need to use this in our trial run of the See-n-Spell, but it’s definitely a useful tool for students who need it.

*If you’d like to see what other homeschool parents think of the See-n-Spell then please visit the TOS Homeschool Crew blog.

**This is a TOS Crew Review.  I was provided a copy of the See-n-Spell from CadenaSmith Enterprises in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.


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