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TOS Crew Review: Apologia Who Am I? Volume 2

on February 24, 2012

Vendor Name:  Apologia

Vendor Contact: Apologia contact page

Name of Product:  What We Believe Volume 2: Who Am I? text, MP3 Audio book on CD, Who Am I? Notebooking Journal, Who Am I? coloring book

Price:   text: $39.00, CD: $19.00, Journal: $24.00, coloring book: $8.00

Age Range:  ages 6 to 14

Often times we parents struggle with how and when to teach worldview to our children, how we approach worldview can lead to keeping our children in the Faith or losing them to a world who may just entice them with what seems a ‘better’ way to live.  Apologia’s new series called What We Believe is a worldview curriculum based on the Protestant Christian perspective and uses that as the basis to study worldview from a Biblical standpoint.  I was given Who Am I? which is the study of self-image in regards to what is in through God’s Word and comparing and contrasting that to what the world says it is, on an age appropriate level.

I like that at the beginning of the text there is an in depth how to use this book guide, and the important thing that is stressed is that it’s written so that the child can learn at their own pace – using the two weeks allotted or taking more time as needed for the child.  The Scripture throughout are given in several versions such as the NIV, NLT and NCV and this is for ease of understanding of the child – however you can chose to use whatever version your family prefers.

There are 8 lessons divided as follows: what are we doing here, what will you make today, what’s on your mind, can you trust your feelings, will you choose wisely, how will you run the race, what kind of fruit are you growing, and who do you think you are?  There are many things covered in each lesson such as a short story which has children in the same age range but coming from a different worldview, hide it in your heart encourages Scripture memorization, prayer is probably the most important feature as well as other areas to bring the Christian worldview into better focus for children in an easy to understand format with many ways of retaining the information such as notebooking, orally, hands-on for a life time.

To go along with the text is the Notebooking Journal, which is great, if you’re like me and don’t want numerous notebooks and need something streamlined for each child to keep their work in.  Each page has areas for questions to be answered or ideas to be written down – but if your child isn’t a writer yet, they can draw (what could be more precious than a prayer drawn to the Lord?) or they can dictate to you and you can record their answers.

There are crossword puzzles,word searches, vocabulary words, resources such as music, books and things to do to learn more about that lesson.  The highlight for my children and I are the lapbooking mini-books that are to be cut out, folded, stapled or otherwise put together and glued onto the coordinating page.  These are another wonderful hands-on activity to really aid in the keeping of information as well as a fun and quick way to review or reminiscence over the fun times everyone had with learning about Who Am I? according to God’s Word.  The journal is spiral bounded and is full color through out, some pages has beautiful renderings of the Lord, angels and even stained glass windows.

The accompanying audio CD has to be played in an MP3 formatted CD or computer drive, this was unfortunate to me as it couldn’t be listened to in the van.  However, we did listen to it at home and I was very pleased with the readings, direct from the book, but not in the least bit boring (I worry when I do oral lessons that I may be boring the children) – the reader was very pleasant to listen to, in an almost too calming way.  I like this because if my children need to slow up and re-listen to a section they can do it on their own without holding everyone else up or if my oldest wants to work ahead of the other two she can do so without having to wait on me.  This is a great go along for the text especially for the mom who has several children working at different paces or for the auditory learner.

The coloring book is the last great go along, I like this for the young ones who are to little for the journal but can still be asked to participate and follow along.  For the ones that wouldn’t stop the pages could be removed so the child can color as the day’s reading is being done without getting to far ahead.  The pictures go along with the readings and it’s easy to figure out which ones go with which lesson – although it would be nice to have the text page included somewhere on the coloring sheet.  I do need to say that while this goes along with the text there are some pictures like that of the New Age shop or of the Cheshire Cat, that some may wish to avoid – however if the parent covers the material the children will have a way to learn about these things within the context of a loving, Christian home through a Biblical worldview.

My final words are this, if you are looking for a worldview curriculum that teaches your children about your Protestant Christian faith through God’s Word then look no further than Apologia’s What We Believe series.  Even though you could get a lot out of just reading the text with the children they will learn so much more with all the aids to go along with the text, which will help to keep these truths in their hearts and minds for years, and hopefully a lifetime, to come.  To see what other homeschooling parents had to say visit The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew Blog.

**This is a TOS Crew Review.  I was provided the set of Who Am I? from Apologia in exchange for posting my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.




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