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TOS Crew Review: Beeyoutiful

on February 27, 2012


Vendor Name:  Beeyoutiful

Vendor Contact: Beeyoutiful Contact Page

Name of ProductTension Tamer and B.A.L.M.

Price:   $11.00 and $3.00

Age Range: all ages


I’m tired of having to use big chain stores to find products for moisturizing, headaches and the like that are also loaded with preservatives and ingredients that add to the problem or make something else worse.  Welcome to Beeyoutiful, an online store that is full of information on wholesome living as well as products to help promote a natural lifestyle, for all ages, babies to the elderly and all in between.  There are an abundance of health related articles and videos on helping all of us learn how to live a more natural life without relying on products that exacerbate the problems.


I was given two products to try out from Beeyoutiful and the first is the lip balm.  I was provided with the orange scented one, and I must say I wasn’t sure I would like it – I’m very sensitive to smells and citrus scents are usually too strong and overpower me – but I tried it.  I liked it!  While you can definitely smell the orange scent it wasn’t overpowering, in fact it was very light and almost disappeared when I put it on.  I did seem to need to reapply more often than the lip balm I was using prior to this (I use lip balm year round) and if I applied it to frequently it felt somewhat heavy.  Even with these minor drawbacks I felt it did a great job in protecting and keep my lips moisturized and it will be a mainstay in my purse from now on.  Made with grapeseed oil, shea butter, beeswax and essential oils (either orange or peppermint) the B.A.L.M. is all natural and I like knowing that what is going on my and my children’s lips is a natural ingredient.


Next up, is Tension Tamer – this is a neat little product that is easy to carry around in your purse or pocket for those times when life makes you stressed.  It comes in a 0.3 fluid ounce container with a rolling ball applicator that you can use to rub on your temples, neck, wrist or nose to help with stress that could lead to headaches.  For those who’ve read my blog, many will know that I suffer from migraines, so when I received this product I was very excited, and it now has also found a place in my purse.  This has a wintergreen scent but even though I’m sensitive to smells wintergreen doesn’t affect me so this was great and also works as a decongestant.  I was not embarrassed to use this out in public since the scent is light enough no one else noticed and the bottle is tiny enough to be discreet.  I even used it on my children when they’ve complained of head pain and they enjoy it and the smell as well.  Be sure to note though that the bottle needs to be stored upright to keep constant contact with applicator ball and essential oil at a minimum.  This little bottle goes a long way as it doesn’t take much.

I have to say I’ve been very pleased with these products from Beeyoutiful, and what also garners my appreciation is the fact that since the products are all natural they can be used on children – whose little bodies are more prone to be sensitive to the harsh chemicals in other products.  You can browse their extensive online catalog, view their videos like this one on heartburn, or listen to questions posed on Facebook.  If you’re looking for natural supplements, probiotics or even just some lotion look no further than Beeyoutiful and if you want to read what other homeschooling parents had to say about other Beeyoutiful products check out the TOS Homeschool Crew blog.


**This is a TOS Crew Review.  I was provided the B.A.L.M. and Tension Tamer products from Beeyoutiful in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was provided.




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