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B is for Broken

on March 3, 2012


There are so many things I could write for B – books, boy, Bible, but seeing as my post last week for Blogging through the Alphabet was A is for Authentic I guess I’m staying on that subject for this week too.

B is for broken.

In order to be authentic we need to come before Christ.

We need to be broken.

I’m not talking broken bones (or foot as my case may be) but our spirits need to be broken.

Much like a parent breaks their children’s will so that they can train them up in the ways of the Lord.

Much like a trainer breaks a horse so it can be trained to run a race or pull a carriage.

We must be broken to.

Brokenness leads to healing, to restoration.

When we’ve hit bottom – it doesn’t mean we need to be drug users, or alcoholics, or prostitutes

it means we could be tired of pretending (authentic, anyone?)

we could be tired of being a mean spirited wife, tired of being an angry mom, being a gossip –

I’ve hit rock bottom.  My testimony would shock you.

Being broken shouldn’t happen just once – anytime we make our Lord sad through our sin – we should feel broken.

Being broken should have us calling out to Elohim for forgiveness so we can obtain healing and ultimately lead to restoration.

Have you been broken?


2 responses to “B is for Broken

  1. GayleP says:

    Thank you for the reminder, Sarah. I think that far too often I let life’s knocks harden me. Then it is harder for me to be tender and broken before the Lord. Time for some soul-searching!

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