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TOS Crew Review: K-5 Learning

on March 5, 2012


Vendor Name:  K-5 Learning

Vendor Contact: K-5 Learning Contact Page

Name of ProductK-5 Learning

Price:   First child is $25 a month or $199 a year; additional students are $15 a month or $129 a year.  You may try it free without a credit card here for 14 days.

Age Range:  ages 4 and up


K-5 Learning is an educational website that doesn’t rely just on games or entertainment but focus specifically on reading, spelling and math skills and retention.  While it is great for those students who already read on their own, it’s also great for pre-readers or those just starting out since they will begin learning phonics, sight words and comprehension.  To begin with your child will take an assessment so that they can be put in the right grade on the site and they can then begin to do their lessons, working independently.

I had all three of my children work on K-5 Learning and my two oldest were put below where they actually are, which somewhat concerned me, but this could be dependent on how they actually ‘grade’ on the site or maybe they just weren’t paying close enough attention.  My 5 year old though surprised me with his results since he isn’t yet reading.  All three of them enjoyed the colorfulness of the site but weren’t begging to use it for our trial period we were given for this review.


I liked being able to log in to the parents section and seeing just what my children were doing on the site and how or if they were improving.  I also like the fact that they can practice their math facts, which I don’t usually focus on, as my aim is to have them know how to compute and figure the answer than to rely on rote memorization.  This site does seem to work well and my two oldest were memorizing some facts that they hadn’t already picked up from their math lessons.  Since the website works based on the students assessment and not going by age, this could be a pro in the fact that some children aren’t working at their age level but a con in the fact that the assessment may have them below their age level but in real life are actually working above.

I also appreciate that there wasn’t any chat features, outside ads or links to other websites in this product.  My children are social and if these were included I can guarantee they would have been using those features.  This is great for parents who are busy or who don’t want to be overseeing their child’s work – since K5 Learning does it – the monitoring, lessons, and even reports.  The child works independently unless the parent needs to increase the timing of a program – which is good for the child who doesn’t get frustrated easily at the computer or sidetracked.  These are full lessons, not just review, and there are over 3,000 tutorials and activities available on this fully online site.


Overall, this site in enjoyable and fun – but I’m not sure if we got the full jest of everything that is able to be accomplished in just our trial run of the program.  Since my oldest seemed to feel it was teaching her below her level, she lost interest fast.  I can definitely see the benefit of this program for children who aren’t working at their current grade level or age and those who can work independently.  If you’re looking for something to brush up on math facts then this would be great, but keep in mind you’ll also be getting spelling, reading, and math lessons.  This is a fully integrated website that will benefit children who need the extra help in the areas it covers.  You can read what other homeschooling parents thought of K5 Learning by visiting the blog.

This is a TOS Crew Review.  I was provided a trial run of this product from K5 Learning in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.


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