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TOS Crew Review: Classical Academic Press: The Art of Argument

on March 16, 2012


Vendor Name:  Classical Academic Press

Vendor ContactCAP’s Contact Page

Name of ProductThe Art of Argument

Price:   Student Text $21.95, Teacher’s Text $24.95, DVD set $54.95, The Art of Argument Bundle $88.95

Age Range:  7th – 9th Grade


The Art of Argument is Classical Academic Press’ logic curriculum for students in 7th through 9th grade – it’s a comprehensive curricula featuring 28 fallacies and how to recognize and reason through arguments.  Perfect for the child who likes logic or even for the teen who has reached the stage of arguing every idea and needs to be able to put ideas in a more logical fashion.  While my oldest did not fall in the grade range for this, I had fun looking it over and reading it on my own.

The student text is consumable however you could also have your student write their answers in a separate notebook so that it could be use by multiple children and not infringe on copyright laws.  There is much description and explanations given, so the child can complete the work independently.  Depending on how fast the child wants to work through the work, each chapter could take between one to two weeks to complete, or longer if more retention is needed for each fallacy.  The text will cover the following types of fallacies:

  • Ad Fontem Arguments
  • Appeals to Emotion
  • Red Herrings
  • Fallacies of Presupposition
  • Fallacies of Induction
  • Fallacies of Clarity

These are covered in three units consisting of Relevance, Presumption and Clarity.  Again, these will give the child a good beginning experience in their logic studies and will prepare them for future studies or even for a debate team.  At the conclusion of the student text there are some extra little items that give a bit more fun to the study of fallacies such as a skit, and there is an included glossary.  There are some fake ads to help students recognize fallacies in advertising and while this is geared for older students I do want to say there is an ad for a fake beer and a fake cigarette brand, as this may be an issue for some of my readers.

The teacher’s text is the entire student text except it has all the answers to the worksheets and tests.  The teacher’s text is indispensable if the teacher/parent doesn’t plan to be physically teaching the lessons but needs to be able to check their student’s work.  If the teacher does plan to actually teach the lesson instead of having the student work independently this will also help in aiding how to guide the student.  My only thought is it would be nice to have some outline as to how much time should be spent per week or how many lessons, etc should be covered.

The DVD which goes along with the text aid in showing the student how each of the 28 fallacies would appear in real life scenarios.  They are well done and engaging and would be great to review the fallacies covered or to get an introduction to what fallacies are being studied that week.  The whole set consists of a set of 5 DVD’s for over 8 hours of video to go along with The Art of Argument text.  You can see what other homeschooling parents thought of this and The Argument Builder by visiting the TOS Homeschool Crew blog.

**This is a TOS Crew Review.  I was provided a copy of the student and teacher’s text as well as a sample DVD copy from Classical Academic Press in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.


2 responses to “TOS Crew Review: Classical Academic Press: The Art of Argument

  1. Laraba says:

    Wow, I just have the student text and didn’t realize there were DVD’s and a teacher’s manual! I have struggled with figuring out the answers to check Naomi’s work; she is using this book this year. Good to know!

    • ohiosarah says:

      I’m thinking of buying the whole set of DVD’s but not quite sure yet. If Hannah would use it next year I may do the DVD’s they are a great addition.

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