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Stand by Me (A SouledOut Sisters Novel) by Neta Jackson

on March 28, 2012

About the book:

Sometimes the person you most need is the one least like you.

Kathryn Davies is a bright young woman from a prominent Phoenix family. But after making a leap of faith at a Christian music fest, dropping out of med school, and moving to inner city Chicago, her family all but disowns her.

When Kat discovers SouledOut Community Church, she longs to become a part of the multicultural church family. But her tendency to immediately say whatever she’s thinking steps on the toes of nearly everyone she meets—especially Avis Douglass.

Avis has a strong faith, is the principal of one of Chicago’s highest performing elementary schools, and is a founding member of SouledOut. But the country’s economic downturn has thrown both her and her husband’s jobs in question. And Avis hasn’t heard from her youngest daughter in months—an estrangement that gnaws at her every day. Where is God in this?

Kat’s flamboyant zeal for living a “radical” Christian life is a stark contrast to Avis’s more reserved faith. But in God’s timing, the two women discover they need each other in ways neither of them expected.

My Opinion:

I had the extreme pleasure of reading all the Yada Yada Prayer Group series and going through the ladies struggles and triumphs that would have broken others, they came through with their faith in the Lord and their friendships intact – so when I had the chance to read Stand By Me which is the newest series for Neta Jackson, that includes the ladies from Yada Yada and some new characters, I just had to get my hands on it!  This book did not disappoint, nor did Neta’s writing and well developed plot line and characters.  I felt myself being wrapped into a family when I got to visit with the Yada Yada Sisters again and seeing life from young college-aged eyes was a wonderful time.

I did find myself getting annoyed at Kat, with all her earth crunchiness, not eating red meat, saving everyone and dumpster diving – but then I realized that was me at one time.  I had stars in my eyes when I graduated college with a degree in social work – thought I would save all the poor children from their abusive parents – and then life hits, real life.  While Kat doesn’t lose her naive outlook she does some maturing as the book goes on and I look forward to reading more about her adventures and how things go on with her family as she follows the Lord.  I also found myself getting a little miffed by the whole black and white issue – but I also had to admit to myself that this still occurs, some white people don’t want to worship with blacks and vice versa.  I have to say though that I loved how it was handled by the characters in the book, while they don’t back down they also don’t take it lying down – and even Avis does some ‘growing up’ even though she is a middle aged woman.

I found myself laughing out loud but also crying – crying from the pain that the characters experienced, some that I myself have gone through in real life.  This book will have you facing your prejudices head on – whether it’s young people today coming to church in ripped pants or your viewpoint on another race or culture – it’ll make you think, even though it’s fiction there is much this book will have you thinking over even as you enjoy a book that I am not afraid to recommend to a friend and say it’s Christian.

**I was given an e-copy of this book through B and B media in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.

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