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Our trip to Indianapolis

on April 10, 2012

On March 26th we made a spontaneous trip with my mom to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  We surprised the children and their faces were priceless when we showed up.  In all it was about a two hour trip there and back which wasn’t bad for the great time we had.  My mom also bought us a pass since it was cheaper to do it that way than to pay admission for one day – the nice man at the counter also gave us the military discount even though I did not have my discharge papers on me.


These are extinct pterodactyls (sp?) flying overhead.


The giant alligator that is supposed to be 'millions' of years old. My children laugh at this concept.


Christian in the dig pit.


Bethanne in the dig pit.


Dinosaur egg cache.


Bethanneosaurus protecting her eggs. (sorry if it's still sideways)


Christianronomus stealing eggs. (sorry if it's still sideways, it's not letting me edit them like I want.)


Miniature of what downtown Indy looked like.


Underside of the glass tower.


Bethanne and Christian posing as the Terra Cotta Warriors from China.


Hannah designing a dragon.


A lego ship in the Lego exhibit.


Bethanne and Christian visiting the tent maker in Egypt.


Christian and Bethanne on an alligator on the Nile River.


The huge transformer robot that was actually used in the movie. Christian thought it was really cool.


This museum is awesome and we still have a ton of things we never got to see!  There is 4 main floors and a lower level.  I have many more pictures but I can’t include them all here.  I can’t wait to go back!







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  1. Angelita says:

    Love the pics! Look like they had a great time! Can’t wait to take the kids!

  2. […] on the two hour drive back home.  You can read about our first trip on the post titled “Our Trip to Indianapolis“  We took in some areas that we didn’t get to the last time and the traveling exhibit […]

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