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G is for Grades

on April 13, 2012



I’m late – with all that was going on last week, this isn’t a surprise but I’m posting it now – G is for Grades, I’m veering off my self imposed theme.


When I started homeschooling officially in 2008 I had decided not to give grades or assign a grade level to my children.  We would forsake the grades and levels and go at my children’s pace, well that has been thrown out the window.


I now assign grade levels to my children – this is for family who need to know what grades the children are in.  This is hard to do since we are all over the board with subjects – such as even though Christian will be doing 1st grade the science he’ll be doing is for grades up to 6th, same for history but we’ll also be focusing on reading and writing.


Most people who aren’t familiar with homeschool or are adverse to it, don’t realize that it isn’t run like a school – we aren’t doing public school at home, we aren’t doing a virtual school, we are homeschooling – but the general public and family will want grade levels so in light of that I’ve assigned grade levels and when we begin the 2012-2013 school year in June (yes June, since we don’t follow the public school schedule either) I will have the following:

  • Hannah will be 10 and in 5th grade but doing 7th grade art, 6th grade science and history
  • Bethanne will be 7 and doing 3rd grade but doing the same science and history as the others.
  • Christian will be 5 and doing 1st grade but doing the same science and history.


Some would think this is confusing but since they all do mainly the same things it’s very easy – much easier than having three children, in three different grades, doing three sets of all different subjects which I would have to help with at night.


For instance all will be doing Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the 5th Day, the younger two have the junior notebooking journals while Hannah has the regular journal.  They will all be learning the same things but doing it on their level at the same time.  Although I will be giving Hannah the freedom to do the reading and notebooking assignments on her own for science and history and then we’ll come together as a family to do the experiments.


Some also think that the school district assigns us grades, they are not allowed by law to assign grades, although the last two years they have and I have contacted the attorney at a homeschool legal aid place about this.  I’m not sure yet if this will mess up Hannah since as it looks right now she should be graduating a year early than expected.  We’ll see how it works out, but it does seem that our district likes to push the boundaries – as two years ago they wanted to know if anyone had ‘special ed’ students (they promptly removed that when h.s. cried foul) – so it’s a work in progress and as I much as I hate assigning grade levels it does make it easier when we go out in public and the cashier wants to ask “so what grade are you in?”  Still working on a good response for “why aren’t you in school?”


One response to “G is for Grades

  1. Laraba says:

    It is strange, but no one has ever asked the kids why they aren’t in school. Maybe it is that we aren’t out that much during the day. Not that I have any hesitation about being out and about, but you know I get tired easily when I’ve got them all.

    That is annoying that the ps would assign grade level. Ugh. I love that we don’t need to do that. Homeschooling is so FREEING!

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