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Titanic: The Ship of Dreams (Torchbearers Series) by Robert Plant

on April 20, 2012


About the Book:


The ship that would never be sunk, a ship of dreams – becomes a ship of nightmares as it is swallowed beneath the freezing Atlantic Ocean. Hit by a massive iceberg it was as much the arrogance of the ship’s owners and operators that caused the tragedy of the Titanic on 14th April 1912. 1,517 people perished that night but there was at least one man who was focussed on saving souls amidst the horror. As the icy waters brought the life of John Harper to a close he still had the energy to call one final person to come to Christ. This is a story of tragedy but it is also a story of faith and courage and eternal hope.


My Opinion:


I’ve enjoyed the mystique that is the Titanic since I was a young girl, I’ve always thought it’d be neat to be able to go down to the bottom of the ocean and see this graveyard.  Since I can’t go deep sea exploring the next best thing is to read stories, especially those that are based on fact, that instill faith and hope as well as stories from the Titanic.  I’ve never read any in the series from which this book comes so I’m glad I started with this one, as it deals with a man of great faith, Rev. John Harper, his daughter and their time on the Titanic.  I was caught up in the story from the first page and kept flipping my e-pages until the end, which was summed up with a nice mini-Bible study.


I could tell this was written for a young audience, but even I did not tire of it and hope to read it aloud to all my children in the next several days.  I enjoyed the story and would love to find more out about John Harper and his daughter.  I also aim to work through the Bible study with each of my children so that we can more understand our faith in the Lord – it really seemed to bring home the idea of Mr. Harper’s belief in the Lord and him wanting those who didn’t believe before the Titanic reached it’s watery grave to find that Salvation.  If you are looking for a way to teach the Titanic and instill values that have been shared with others from across time then this is a great book and will pique your child’s interest and maybe even yours.


**Disclaimer:  I was provided an e-book copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.


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