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Titanic Warning by Casey Sabella

on April 20, 2012


About the Book:


Titanic Warning is an inspiring retelling of the disaster with commentary on the state of our modern day Church. How did three ships in the vicinity respond to the call to rescue 2500 stranded souls?

What role did the captain of the Titanic and the captains of the surrounding ships play in the final outcome? In their stories, we see ourselves. We see our choices. Are we prepared to lay our own goals aside to save the lives of those around us? Every church, team, and family leader is faced with this decision.

Allow the compelling true story of the Titanic Warning to direct your focus firmly on the ministry of Jesus: to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives, and to release the prisoners from darkness.


My Opinion:


When I first began reading this I was very wrapped in to it because of all the historical accounts of the Titanic, like the building history, the grandness of the ship and more however as I kept reading and it got more away from the historical accounts and into how the author wants to relate the sinking of the Titanic to today’s Christian church.  While not bad in the overall sense of things it gets a little dicey as the author begins to claim that maybe God actually sunk the ship.  Trying to tie the Titanic disaster to the modern church that has abandoned the God of the Bible for a modern god is getting into dangerous territory.  As I said I did enjoy it at the outset, but as the book went on, I found myself shaking my head and the coincidences seemed like a long shot to me.


If you enjoy reading about the Titanic, then maybe you’ll enjoy this book, because there is a lot of information and pictures throughout, but one must be cautious trying to tie the disaster of the Titanic to the sorry state of today’s churches.  While I think the author meant well, I wouldn’t say I’d recommend this book to others who want to understand the church’s condition as there are better books to do that, but if you’re a history buff or enjoy Titanic information then you might enjoy it – but I in know way could say that I believe God would sink the Titanic or infer that we can see today’s declining church in the disaster.


**Disclaimer:  I was provided an e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.


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