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New Millennium Girls – Isabel’s Secret by Jan May

on April 21, 2012


We love books here in my home, with the exception of one person who will remain unnamed, however the rest of us enjoy reading and when I saw a new series come out called The New Millennium Girls I was excited to see how my girls would like it.  I initially bought the Kindle book version for my middle child for her Kindle that we gave her for Christmas and both she and my oldest enjoyed it.  I was very excited when the author contacted me about doing a review of the print copy book, the paper dolls and the writing curriculum to go along with it.   Here is what the website says about what the New Millennium Girls are:

They are the  girls from 8-12 years old that are in your family, in your class at school, or live down the street. They believe in God and love Him with all their hearts. They love the faith adventures God brings into their lives and they meet them head on with unshakable faith.They are the girls of the Joshua generation, girls of this New Millennium, girls with a different spirit.

Isabel is an eleven year old girl who has loved the Lord since she was three years old and her motto is: “Winners never quit and quitters never win, for I serve the mighty God that lives deep within”.  My oldest who read this before I did, came to me with a concern, and that was the use of OM* in this book.  For me, and the rest of the world, OM* means something other than “oh my goodness”, or “oh my gosh”, it’s the using of the Lord’s name in vain.  I told her it was easy to omit and ignore that phrase but like me, she finds it annoying and offensive.  I would prefer not to see any Christian use this phrase, although the rest of the book was enjoyed by my daughters.  I’d have no problems letting my girls read this book or the others that are due to come out in the series, since they do understand that that phrase is off limits and it’s opened up discussion between us.  Otherwise, the books to aim to bring Christian books into the sphere of girls who might not get exposure to God in any other way.



Next up is the paper doll book, I do think this is a great addition to the book, especially if the girl reading it likes to design, color, draw or is otherwise artistic.  My girls did not get into the paper dolls, that isn’t because they didn’t like the book but mainly because they have never really been into paper dolls, but I was hoping once they had them to go along with the book they’d enjoy them.  However, like me, they’ve never gotten into any paper dolls.  The book has the following:

  • Isabel paper doll on the cover
  • two princess dolls on the inside
  • paper doll stands on the back cover
  • sixteen pages of clothes for Isabel
  • sixteen pages of clothes for the Princess
  • two horses and riders
  • how to build Isabel’s bedroom instructions
  • you may also copy additional pages if needed

I would like to suggest that the pages be thicker, which I know would increase the cost, but as they are right now the pages are thin (think copy paper) and glue, stickers, coloring add a lot of weight that can’t be supported – unless they are either adhered to a card stock or directly copied onto thicker paper.  For my friends and readers who desire their daughter’s to be more feminine there are a lot of pants and shorts, so that may be an issue for some.  Again, this was brought up by my daughters but also led to some good discussions about what is acceptable for our family and what others may do.



This was probably my and my oldest favorite of the bundle pack – Creative Writing Made Easy.  This book will take the girl through twelve lessons on how to write a story by doing the following:

  • how to develop characters
  • how to use your five senses in developing a setting
  • what is a plot and how you can thicken it
  • the first rule of writing: “Show, don’t tell”
  • developing dialogue
  • how to develop story ideas

It is suggested that each lesson take one week to complete so this writing curriculum should take 12 weeks to complete if given it’s full attention.  Each lesson is divided into three sections; learning time, writing time and craft time – what I would do is have my daughter’s work on each lesson three days a week, so Monday, Wednesday and Friday for instance would be time spent working on creating their story.  I would recommend also getting the paper doll book to go along with the creative writing lessons as it’s often referred to and even used through out the lessons.


If your daughter is a writer, mine both like to write stories and songs, or even a reluctant writer the topic of writing a story about a God honoring princess may be what she needs to get her writing.  Using all three of these books in conjunction with one another is a great way to show how illustrators and authors can write to show the truth’s of God – even with some of the things I’ve noticed these are still good books for today’s Christian girls – and my reservations are from the fact that I am much more conservative in what I allow my children and I to read and take in.  Overall, though I would recommend this as we need more Christian authors to write for our children and this is a great starting place.


You can purchase the bundle for $29.95 plus $4.95 shipping.  They can also be purchased separately by going here and scrolling down.


**Disclaimer: I received the bundle of books from the author in exchange for posting my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.




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