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A Walk Through the Mall by Wade J. Carey

on May 8, 2012

About the Book:

Four months after his first adventure in A Walk Through The Market, Mick, the ponytailed angel is now on a quest, taking him all over the country to prepare a new team for battles against Satan and his army of darkness.  As the group bonds together, many previously unrevealed secrets are brought to light with shocking clarity.  Once again, Mick’s friend, Wyatt, is at the center of the activities as the revelations demonstrate how the Hunter family has been embroiled in battles with demons for many generations.

Good coffee and comfort food fuel Wyatt and the rest of the group as they experience Mick’s “angel boot camp” at the wonderful Mall of America in the chill of the Minnesota winter.  However, this series of meetings merely sets the stage for a crusade, which carries the new soldiers right into the lion’s den of evil.

In A Walk Through The Mall, Carey & Pfeil have woven together a unique novel that brings to life the battle between good and evil which, as you know, began way back in Genesis.  Have you ever wondered what speaking to an angel would be like?  Could you defend yourself against a demon?  Do you know what the Bible has to say about angels and demons?  If learning lessons from God’s Holy Word while enjoying a gripping story appeals to you, then grab this book.  You’ll learn many scriptural insights, while traveling through a breathtaking journey of unexpected twists and turns.


My Opinion:


Are you ready to take a journey?  A journey in the spiritual battle that is fought every day on earth?  Then join me in reading A Walk Through The Mall and travel with Mick, the angel and those who are hand chosen by God to fight Satan’s henchmen in this realm, right now.  I hadn’t read the first book, but if it’s as good as this one then I will definitely be back tracking and getting a hold of a copy as this book is one that while a work of fiction, is very close to becoming real life.


I will admit at times it was slow moving, since I knew a lot of what was being discussed between Mick and the other characters – however – it was interesting to see how the author perceives the angel and how he might relate to us if we were actually talking to one face to face.  I like Mick, because after all, he is a coffee drinking angel – the thought of coffee houses in Heaven, well let’s just say that would be Heaven!  However, Mick also does what he can to relate to humans, not just those chosen to fight the good fight but even those he encounters on the plane.


I did contact Wade Carey to express my concern at the use of some words that I find objectionable and offensive and he answered me as such:

“It’s a slippery slope in the use of language when writing Christian fiction.  I want to be “real” so that the “average Joe” can relate to the book, but I also want to fall far short of gratuitous language and violence. The words you cited are very commonly used among even Christians.  I believe that language is primarily offensive due to the setting in which it is used.  In other words, if I was speaking to a group of recovering alcoholics, the use of those words would not offend them at all.  On the other hand, some Christians are offended by the use of language like that. 
I’ve been told that my books are different, primarily because of the preponderance of scripture.  The premise is this – Scripture First – Story Second.  I’ve also been told that the use of 115 passages of scripture in a novel is unique.  When writing to a broad audience, it’s hard to please everyone. 
So, while I certainly don’t want to offend anyone, I am looking for impact.  I want the reader to be drawn to the reality of the evil we all must face in this world.  I certainly don’t plan on dropping any F-bombs, but I also want spiritual seekers to hear the message.”

I very much appreciated Wade’s response to my inquiry about the use of such words like h*** or d***.  As I said offensive to me, but yes, unfortunately even I have heard Christians use this language – but I personally refrain from it.  I must say that if you are a new Believer, have been a Believer for many years or are searching for the Truth – then please grab this book – you don’t have to read the first one but I’m sure it’d be even better if  you did – but read this one, you won’t regret it and I’m glad that I spent the time and savored this book and I know I’ll be revisiting it again in the future.


You can purchase you copy at CrossBooks and on Amazon


**Disclaimer:  I was provided a copy of this book from the author, Wade J. Carey, in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was provided.



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