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K is for Kingdom

on May 8, 2012



Well it’s time for K – I had to ask my oldest because I don’t like the word ‘kids’ so I didn’t want to use that and while I could have written about the Kindle several others had that covered and I’ve extolled the benefits of them several other times.  So when I asked my oldest what could I write for K – she said Kingdom.


I think one of the most exciting things about being a Christian is that we will one day live with our King.  Our King is better than any earthly king.  He is everywhere, all the time.  His love isn’t conditional.  His power will right all the wrongs.


I don’t live in a country with a king but can you see the castle of Windsor?  The King of Christians’ castle will be so much more grand, so much bigger, and unlike the castle here on earth – we will get to live in it!  The Lord told us He is going to prepare a place for us!  For us!  No matter how rich, how poor, how pretty, how homely, He is creating for us a mansion in His Kingdom for us to live with Him forever.


On earth, I’m what many would consider poor – we don’t have a lot of name brand clothes, unless they come from a thrift store or hand me downs, our house is small but it’s warm in the winter, cool in the summer, at one time I used to complain constantly to my hubby about our house or this or that.  We don’t get many family to visit and partly because I think they believe our house is too tiny (although DH has devised a way to fit five more children in our current house LOL) and cramped.


When I start getting down on what the conditions are like where I’m at now on earth, I try to remember that is Satan’s tactic to bring me down to his level but I can remember that one day I’m going to have a house that I could not even dream about here.  My dreams are shallow compared to what the Lord has in store for me when I reach his Kingdom.


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