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Children’s Claritin Chewables

on May 10, 2012


I was given some children’s Claritin to try out as a part of a Bzz Campaign – and since my children, like most, have seasonal allergies I needed a way to give them a little something to help them over the worst of it without making them feel drugged or sluggish.  All three of my children were able to take the chewable tablets as they are for ages 2 and older, right now the only flavor available is grape, which didn’t bother my children.  There is also liquid and Redi-tabs.  The Claritin we tried was for the 24 hour relief, I don’t think it lasted all 24 hours though as it seemed within 12 my children were back with a running nose and itchy eyes and throat.


My children don’t go to school so there is no worries about them not paying attention to their teachers, since I’m the teacher and we can work around the allergy issue – however for those children who must pay attention all day in a school setting, the non-drowsy formula of Claritin is a big benefit to the children who otherwise would be fighting sleep.  This is also the brand that is most recommended by pediatricians – so if you put a lot of stock in what pediatricians say then this will carry weight with you.  I only dispense the Claritin when my children’s allergies at their worse, never more, and I still try to give it before bed just in case a child reacts differently.


I’m not one to run to the medicine cabinet at the first sign of a runny nose or cough but when allergies really take their toll, I like to have something on hand that I can trust won’t put my child to sleep and will help control their symptoms.  This spring has been very bad for allergies, so this campaign couldn’t have come at a better time for my children, who all have varying degrees of allergies to pollen, grass and molds – all of which have been looming in large proportion where we are at.


**Disclosure:  I received a product sample, coupon, collateral or other special premium from BzzAgent in exchange for spreading the word about the product, no other compensation was provided and only honest opinions given.


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