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The Homeschool Mother’s Journal

on May 12, 2012


In my life this week…

In one word, crazy!  Last Saturday our dog, Sadie, quit eating and drinking so on Monday I took her to a vet and he found a mass in her abdomen – he wanted to do surgery ASAP – we made the decision to go ahead and put her down, as we didn’t want to put her through a surgery that we weren’t sure would save her and the cost was also out of our ‘budget’.  I called the Animal Welfare League, where we adopted Sadie in November, to see if we could bury her out there.  The AWL wanted us to go to another vet for a 2nd opinion – I told her we just shelled out X amount of money for the first – she said not to worry about it they would cover it!  So we rushed to the other vet who did more x-rays and they could see a mass on her spleen (it was about the size of a baseball).  The vet wanted to keep her overnight so they could rehydrate her since she hadn’t drank since Saturday.  The vet then did an u/s on Tuesday which gave them a better picture of what was going on – the mass was pressing on her liver, stomach and diaphragm – so after the AWL called me and told me to allow the surgery and they were footing the entire bill – I called the vet and said do it.  We went in and visited  with Sadie and about 1:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday I received a call saying  that Sadie came through great, the mass and spleen were removed without issue.  We picked her up on Wednesday.  We are still waiting the results of the mass – whether it was a bruise or a cancer.  She is recovering nicely and doing well.


Yesterday, I took a trip myself to the ER.  I have been having severe jaw pain that comes and goes and only affects the left side of my face.  I’ve seen dentist after dentist, had my tooth filed down, had sensitivity stuff put on it, had fillings I didn’t need, etc all to no avail.  It was bad yesterday, going into my neck, into my head and behind my eye.  I felt like I was going to explode.  DH took me to the ER – where I was given no pain meds – none – nada – for the 3 plus hours I was there I laid in pain with blinding lights overhead and nothing for the pain.  The dr never examined me, the PA only looked at my tooth and ruled I was suffering from TMJ.  I was asked by the nurse if I was intimately active (hubby is sitting next to me in the room!), the PA then had the gall to ask if I was pregnant (after already telling the nurse I was on my cycle) when I told him no he then asked me nastily how I could know for sure?  I told him that I was on my cycle.  I’m going to be writing a letter regarding the lack of care I received.  The PA then told me to go to my family dr (another copay) and have her send me to an ENT (another copay).  I was then discharged with a scrip for prescription strength Ibuprofen.  I felt that they totally downplayed my symptoms and treated me as if I was a drug seeking patient.  My husband and my mom want me to see a neurologist and not a ENT  –  so I’ll be checking on that route as I do not believe this is TMJ.


Hannah was also measured for her new scoli brace – hopefully we will have it in a couple weeks and hopefully the two months out of it hasn’t blew up in our faces 😦


In our homeschool this week…


Nothing.  The children did one lesson of math and I did read through one lesson of MOH but between the dog issue and mine school just didn’t happen and that is one reason I’m glad we homeschool and do it year round.


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…


Dance, martial arts, OrPro, the vet, grandparents


I’m reading…


Beyond Hope’s Valley by Tricia Goyer

The Beautiful Disciplines by Martin Saunders

High Treason by Samuel Oakes


A photo, video, link, or quote to share…


I couldn’t choose just one:


The clover bouquet that was made for me by my daughter, Bethanne and my son, Christian.


My mom dropped some items off that she won in a raffle – most were for the children, a game, coloring stuff, DVD’s however she also surprised me with Blue Lagoon print from Vera Bradley, a new purse and a new wallet 🙂 Thank you mom.


This is Sadie, post-op, the cone is no longer standard so we had to put a shirt on her to keep her from licking her incision. The children found it quite comical. She knows how to take it off as well LOL



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  1. Laraba says:

    I’m so sorry you had a very difficult week. Thankful that Sadie seems to be doing well, very unhappy about your health issues and poor response at the ER. ARRGHGHG!! Are you feeling any better?

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