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Field trip to a Rock Garden

on May 21, 2012

I’ve mentioned the local rock garden before and it’s nice going on your own but it was so great being led on a tour by a very knowledgeable person who is very well versed on the history of our city and this rock garden.  This is known as folk art and has a lot of history behind it – namely one man created this whole thing and his wife continued to care for it after his death until she was no longer able to do so.  There are three of these folk art sites in Ohio – we’ve been to two and I’m planning to plan a trip to the third shortly.

Here are some pictures I took:

Our eclectic homeschool group – some were from one group, another was from another group, or like us – no group. I don’t like segregating ourselves by group so I make an effort to include all local homeschoolers on our field trips.

An image of just some of the highlights from the garden.


My oldest in front of the castle, with many Christian figures. Some say that the man who built this site was a Catholic since some of the statues are usually Catholic icons, however he was Protestant but very much valued Faith, Country and Education


The Nativity scene. It’s not just religious based though as he includes many historical aspects and also items relating back to a good old fashioned education.


The Tree of Life, on the left you have a school house, on the right you have a church and in the middle you have the country – he believed you couldn’t have one without the other. Unfortunately, most don’t consider that to be true anymore.


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