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L, M and N is for…..

on May 26, 2012


As you can see I’ve missed L and M and since this week is N – I just joined them all together for Blogging through the Alphabet.

L is for Labor.

I’ve been blessed with 4 children – one I miscarried at before 7 weeks and my other three have all been carried to term or beyond.  With my first I had a c-section – there was no medical reason except the dr and midwife decided my daughter would be too big for me to push out.  Remember, I’d never given birth before.  Imagine my surprise when the dr has me cut open on the operating table and says “oh she descended, you probably would have gone into labor normally”.  I’m not going to dwell on how horrible the c-section was before and after.  I have my Hannah.

I researched and researched and came to the conclusion that my next baby would be born naturally.  I sought out drs and midwives, many who either wouldn’t let me VBAC or who just didn’t like the idea of it.  I was given the name of an OB who did allow VBAC’s and he was just what I needed.  He understood that I didn’t want NST’s, multiple u/s, visits to the high risk peri’s and that I wanted to walk around during labor.

I had my first VBAC in 2004 and my 2nd in 2006 – while some wouldn’t call my labors natural – they were to me since I avoided a c-section.  Yes I had an epidural, when a baby is laying on your sciatic nerve…..the…..whole…..time…then you can tell me how bad epidurals are! 😀 I loved being pregnant, I loved the labor and delivery, I love all the aspects of having a baby.

M is for Mom

Following on the labor thing is mom’s.  Mother’s Day was celebrated not to long ago.  I remember my first mother’s day – it was bittersweet, I would have been several months along – but instead all I got was people ignoring the fact that I had lost my first baby.  Shhh…….it’s as if we don’t talk about it, that it never happened and Sarah will quit being sad.  Guess what?????  That logic doesn’t work.  A card would have been mighty appreciated by me since I had nothing, no lock of hair, no pictures (not even an u/s), nothing to remember my baby.

My next Mother’s Day was wonderful.  I had Hannah in February and she was beautiful, perfect, slept through the night (thankfully all mine have – and I probably jinxed myself LOL), and breastfeeding was awesome!  I have enjoyed every mother’s day since, there are times I still think of my first baby, but I also know that for whatever reason the Lord needed him or her more than I did.

My mom and I never had a good relationship while I was growing up, we were always fighting.  Always.  Even on good days we were usually at each others throats.  Now that I’m a mom and she’s a Grandma it’s as if we’re different people.  We can talk and get along.  She is supportive of my homeschooling even telling me “I really hope you can make it work through high school”.  She is supportive of me staying home, even though she has and always will be a career woman.

I remember after having Hannah and one day all Hannah did was cry and cry – I couldn’t even nurse her to quietness – I’d hand her to hubby and she’d fall asleep but as soon as I held her, she’d cry.  It was horrible (at this point I was still reeling from being robbed of my birth experience) I called my mom crying “she hates me”.  My mom had no idea who I was talking about.  Hubby couldn’t convince me, all I thought was that my baby, my sweet precious first born daughter hated me.  Eventually, hubby and mom convinced me to take a nap while Hannah napped and being refreshed helped us both.  I feel silly now, but I was glad that I had my mom to call those first few days.

Being a mom has been all I imagined and more.


N is for Nursing


There has been a lot of controversy lately ever since the article came out on moms who extend breastfeeding even after their children are quite capable of feeding themselves.  I breastfed and self weaned (all mine were over 1 year old) and it was the best choice for me, my children and my family.


Is breastmilk the best?  Yes.  Can all women or will all women do it?  No.  Are they bad moms?  No.


I chose to breastfeed since I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about carrying bottles, having to find water (you’re not supposed to premix the formula), having to find a way to warm the formula, not to mention the expense of formula.  I didn’t have to mix anything, warm anything, prepare anything or buy anything (except nursing pads – but if you use cloth then that cuts down on the cost considerably and milk storage bags).


That being said I do not fault the woman for not breastfeeding, there still isn’t a lot of help in the hospital.  Even I was told one bottle won’t hurt.  Families who haven’t seen or been exposed breastfeeding feel that you are doing something superior to them and try to convince you to bottle feed.  Whatever, the case may be – but we all love our babies.  Do I feel formula is inferior, yes.  Trust me, the first few days of breastfeeding wasn’t a bowl full of cherries – my son would only nurse on one side while I had to continuously pump the other because of engorgement.  I had mastitis twice and had to go on antibiotics once for it.  My son was also a biter.


Who am I to go around giving moms who are giving their babies a bottle the evil stare?  Do I know what’s in that bottle?  It could be expressed milk because the mom is uncomfortable nursing in public.  It could be donated breast milk because the mom has an illness that prevents breastfeeding.  Or it could be formula.  Do we need to go around and litmus test every bottle?  Certainly not, we need to agree that most moms are going to do what is best for their babies, themselves and their families (WIC will give moms formula for free).  If the child is thriving, growing and well take care of then let’s agree that while breast is best not every woman is going to want to do it but regardless is doing her best to love her baby.


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  1. Kym Thorpe says:

    I agree – as moms we have in common that we love our babies/children and I think we should each make the choices that are right and best for our own families, and then not let ourselves be judgmental of those who choose something different.

    Glad you had a happy Mother’s Day!

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