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Great for God: Missionaries who Changed the World by David Shibley

on May 27, 2012


About the Book from New Leaf Publishing:


Inspiring true stories of the courageous faith of 23 missionaries who boldly lived for God and not themselves.

With bold faith, obedience to God, and love for others, missionaries attempt great things for God. Great for God: Missionaries Who Changed the World shares the biographies of twenty three missionaries. Each chapter highlights the amazing truths of God’s power at work through the lives of those willing to live for the applause of heaven. Learn from the legacy of:

  • David Livingstone
  • Lottie Moon
  • Jim Elliot
  • Eric Liddell
  • Bill Bright and 18 others

Their great accomplishments for God challenge believers to continue to “attempt great things for God. Expect great things from God,” as William Carey once stated. Author and Global Advance founder David Shibley offers Great for God to inspire every Christian, small group, and family devotion time. Teachers will find it a powerful supplement to world history and religious studies.

It only takes one courageous life in Christ to bring hope to millions! It could be yours.


My Opinion:


Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  I so enjoy reading the stories of those Christians who lived their lives out loud for our Lord.  Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or to read with your children – this book will have you flipping the pages learning about the great missionaries of the past and not so past.  I liked the outlines at the beginning of the chapters that gave the name, when and where born and died, what were their outstanding accomplishments and a quote of theirs – this really helped set the tone especially since before you actually read the story it’s preceded by a Bible verse that somewhat sums up what that missionary was all about.


Each story takes less than 10 minutes to read, which is why I said it’d be perfect to use with children, if you want to introduce them to some missionaries, who have either faded into obscurity or who are well known – some I had heard of, some I hadn’t.  Since the stories are short, you won’t get the whole story, for that you’ll need to seek out an autobiography or biography on just that missionary.  If all you want is a short course or even if you’re studying a certain country like India – you’ll find a missionary that one day ministered to and brought Christ to that land.  I could find this book useful not just as book to read but also to use as a unit study in our homeschool or to inspire me in my ministry at home until the time comes when I can minister abroad.


Jesus told us we need to be His Hands and Feet – and while some of us are doing great things within our homes, for a mom of young children her ministry is at home or for those who are out in foreign lands spreading the Gospel, we need to make sure that we are taking the Gospel to those who need it – our children, the neighbor next door or the tribal chief in a remote – and this book will definitely make you appreciate all that is given in the name of the Lord who gave us all of Him.


**Disclaimer:  I was given a copy of this e-book from New Leaf Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.


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