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High Treason by Samuel Oakes

on May 27, 2012

About the Book from Horizon Books:

The future is here for a bankrupt nation gripped in the throes of the plague, and the corrupt government is in charge of the vaccine. Young Amishman Enos Yoder faces the greatest crisis of his life when his father refuses to accept the compromises the bishop has made, and his mother lies on her deathbed. Will the family be consumed by his father’s stubbornness? Regina Owens, the liberal minister in town, is having her normal world rocked to the core by what is happening. She wonders why a man would lift his own hand against what is most precious in life. Will Enos recover from the brutal shock when his girlfriend is taken from him? Will his faith, backed by five hundred years of teaching against violence, survive the hate rising in his heart? High Treason is a story of love, bitterness, and treason, rising up in the heart of a man and in the highest corridors of government.

My Opinion:


From the first page you’ll realize you aren’t reading the same old Amish fiction novel, this is something much, much different.  Enos struggles with following the rules laid out by his Old Order sect and eventually makes his decisions as to what path he is going to follow.  Regina, is also struggling, but in much different ways since she of course is used to the world and her father himself is a veteran of a foreign war.  I was hooked after about the first chapter, it had everything I enjoy in a novel, however I will say that there was also a sexual relationship outside of marriage however it’s not detailed and it’s really so that the readers will see what struggles the new world is up against in the face of death, destruction and corruption on a grand scale.


I’m glad to have taken the time to read this novel, because even though it’s fiction, there is a lot in this book that could take place in our world today as things give more to evil.  I still don’t know what I would do (I side more with Enos than with the female pastor, Regina) in Enos’ place because as he believes in non-violence, no government aid, etc, so do I – but what would I do when faced with my children and husband dying when there is a vaccine?  Do I chance it?  Do I let God control our life even unto death?  These are just some of the questions that I pondered as I read this book – it wasn’t just an entertaining book but it many ways it shows what can happen when the government runs amok.


If you have been into Amish fiction, but are tired with the same old love stories and happy endings then please grab this book – it will have you seeing Amish fiction in a brand new and much needed light.  Yes, there is love in this book, but it’s not the romantic, rose colored glasses love, it’s the real world love when one recognizes what may not be best for them is the best for the other.  Sacrificial love.  There is suspense and mystery and of course, faith, questioning faith – grounded faith, but faith nonetheless.  It’s not a happy ending – where everyone is tiptoeing through the tulips – it’s an ending that leaves you with hope of what is to come and what is to be and I hope that there will be a forthcoming book with more of this faith and hope.


You can purchase this book at Horizon Books and at Amazon.


**Disclaimer:  I was provided a copy of this book by the author, in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was given.


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