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Recital – May 20, 2012

on May 28, 2012

The girls have been going to a Christian dance studio since September 2011, Hannah took CWDI (Christian Worship Dance I) and Bethanne was in Ballet I.  I have to say I’ve been so happy with the teaching and the studio.  We haven’t had the issues of inappropriate music, inappropriate costumes, bullying, and best of all they pray before and after class so that the girls realize Who it is that gets the glory!


The girls had their recital or concert as it was also called on the 20th.  We had to be there at 12:30 for the dress rehearsal, this worried me because it was in the 90’s and the actual show didn’t start until 4:00 and it was outside.  The park was beautiful and had it been cooler it would have been lovely.


I was glad that my mom (she drove us so we’d have access to a/c if we needed it) and I got to see the girls dance during the rehearsal because once the show got started my pulse started racing and I began feeling nauseous and faint.  My mom is an ANP so she recognized I was suffering from heat exhaustion and got me to her vehicle fast and in the a/c.  It was very scary, and is only the 2nd time it’s happened to me, and this was with all the water I was drinking all day, under an umbrella, using cloths soaked in ice water on my head and neck.  So we had to miss their actual show, while my hubby, son and inlaws watched it.


I’m so proud of them – they did very well and I look forward to getting our DVD and can’t wait till next year’s (hopefully an indoor location!)


Hannah and Bethanne in their costumes. Bethanne was mad as she was walking barefoot on black top (after being told not to) and she burned her feet.


Hannah posing in her dance form with her dance partner.


Hannah by herself. I love her costume, so feminine and modest and almost grown-up.


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  1. Diane Blum says:

    I hope that you are feeling better! So disappointing to miss their show, but you tried to be there. How wonderful that you have found this dance studio! I will have to check it out for Beth next year.

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