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TOS Crew Review: Dive Into Your Imagination; Dive Into Diversity DVD

on May 31, 2012

Vendor Name:  Dive Into Your Imagination

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Name of ProductDive Into Diversity

Price:  $19.95 per DVD; PDF educator’s guides are $299 for the set of 6 or $69.95 for an individual title.

Age Range: Pre-K and up

Annie Crawley the creator of Dive Into Your Imagination has a love for the ocean and it’s inhabitants – this is seen through her work as a dive instructor, underwater photographer and dive instructor.  Her desire is to have all parents and children fall in love with the animals of the sea so that we in turn can learn to protect what we love.  She has 5 DVD’s such as the Camera Coach, Visions of the Sea, What Makes a Fish a Fish?, Who Lives in the Sea and Dive into Diversity all of which shows her love for teaching others about the ocean.

Dive Into Diversity was a very entertaining DVD, not that it was entertaining in a funny way, but I was as interested in the subject area and learning about creatures with Annie Crawley’s narration – such as the beautiful nudibranchs.  In just over 40 minutes I felt like I had taken a dive myself into the oceans depths without ever leaving my living room.  The colorful footage and sometimes even in your face movements had me wanting to touch the hammerhead sharks and hugging a seal!

Along with the beautiful DVD there are educator’s guides to have some follow up activities to watching to really sink in the lessons learned from the video.  Each chapter is based on a segment of the DVD so you can choose to watch the whole video or watch a segment at a time while focusing on the guide.  I will say the guide is mainly written for the school teacher but could be adapted for the homeschool family as well, although the price is a bit more than I would honestly pay.  The guides are a great way to follow up with what the child has learned and it covers the following areas such as general concepts/topics to teach, character education (puts a lot of emphasis on self esteem for me), imagination play script, book list, and more.

While I value the educational and beautiful teaching on the DVD I must say that I also must say a word of caution.  As a Christian I believe it’s our duty to take care of God’s Creation – but it’s not the end all and be all of our existence – and at points it seems there are references made about how we must all be in balance and protect our oceans.  One of the activities in the guide says to have the children learn a mantra about not throwing stuff away and reducing our amount of trash.  While this is all good in theory, some is hard to practice and I have a hard time teaching my children mantras of any kind.  There is also a brief period where Annie is in a bikini while she gets suited up and some of the children are as well.

Overall, this is an exceptional learning DVD for both parents and children and it comes with three tracks, English, Spanish and music only.  My children really enjoyed this and even my son asked if we could watch it again.  When I told him we own it, he was very excited to know that he could indeed watch it again.  If you’re child likes learning about the ocean, it’s inhabitants and the beauty of it then I do recommend these DVD’s for the educational value that they contain.

Here is a special offer from Annie Crawley in regards to the PDF educator guides: “As a special for the Homeschool Crew and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and followers Annie Crawley of Dive Into Your Imagination, she will gift you a set of PDFs with purchase of the DVDs. When you place your DVD order, just let her know in the notes that you are a Homeschool Parent!”

**Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.


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