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O is for Opportunities

on June 1, 2012



O is for Opportunities


I’m sure we are busier than some families we know – sometimes it’s nice to busy and it’s also nice to have some down time but my children like to be active and try new things.


Homeschooling has afforded us the opportunities they wouldn’t or couldn’t have had if they were in a brick and mortar school.  I know this because friends and family who do have children in brick and mortar schools are usually confined to the house because their children have homework that takes the focus in the evenings and even weekends sometimes.


My children have been involved in community theater, dance, various sports, college classes geared towards children, art classes in other’s homes, 4H, Awana, etc.  Now I know that there are children who are in regular school who are in these things as well, but for us homeschooling provides us the leniency and ability to be more involved in more things in the community especially during the day hours.


I also have to say that thanks to my mom and my inlaws the children have had other opportunities open to them that we couldn’t afford.  Now, believe me, if we had to we could cut out karate, dance, and the other things that are an expense but as my mom says, “it’s only money and I can’t take it with me, might as well use it for good.”  Thankfully my mom writes a check each month that affords my son his martial arts classes, both of my daughter’s dance classes, she has bought us a museum pass and my inlaws have bought up another museum pass that allows reciprocal visits to many other museums across the United States.


In June and July all three of my children are taking two college for kids classes that focus on things they enjoy like art, theater, acting, music and insects.  My daughters will be taking a week long dance camp in July.  My oldest is praying for a full scholarship to 4H camp in June.  Not to mention fair stuff, like judging, show and tell and awards.  It’s going to be a busy summer.


I’m so appreciative of the opportunities my children are afforded both through my husband’s and I sacrificing, my mom and inlaws.  Before anyone thinks that the grandparents are paying for everything – they don’t.  They help out in a major way, especially my mom, when I figured out how much she has paid out for June and July my eyes about popped out of my head.  We are creating memories – my oldest still talks about the stuff she learned in last year’s college for kids.  My husband and I also make sure we provide opportunities, like the exhibit of Pompeii that is close to us and we plan on taking the children since we just studied Pompeii in our Mystery of History this week.


I am very fortunate to have family near me that help us out when it’s needed and the opportunities my children have had are always going to be remembered.  They will always remember the trip with Grandma to see the Cleopatra and Tornado exhibits, they will remember the family vacation to Kentucky but we ended up in Illinois, and our trip this year to the Creation Museum and Fort Ancient and Loveland Castle.


My oldest is going to have the opportunity to take a babysitting course through ARC and my husband is going to certify her in CPR and First Aid so she can become a Mother’s helper sometime this year.


What opportunities have your children had?


3 responses to “O is for Opportunities

  1. Debbie Lott says:

    You are blessed to have parent that enable your kids to have so many opportunities! We enjoy homeschooling for the same reason–so much extra time to do the fun things!

  2. Kym Thorpe says:

    How great that your parents have helped supply those opportunities for your kids! I love that homeschooling gives us the opportunity to enjoy things together as a family.

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