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Son of the Underground by Isaac Liu with Albrecht Kaul

on June 4, 2012


About the book:


Son of the Underground is a beautiful story of struggle, hope, and the ability of faith to overcome obstacles. Not only is it the story of the coming to faith of a Chinese boy, one whose life was already made more difficult by the role that faith had played in his early life, but it exposes the struggles of an entire nation of believers who have made the dangerous commitment to a life of Christ.


My Opinion:


This book needs to be read by every Christian who doesn’t understand fully what persecution is or what it looks like. We need to be able to know what our Chinese Brothers and Sisters are going through as they literally live and die for Christ – which is something we don’t know in our freedom in the United States.  When you begin the book you are introduced to life from Isaac’s little boy eyes, where his father is absent through no fault of his own and where his mom has to work in the fields all day.  He learns early on that his faith is the only thing that he has that will not change from day to day.


I devoured this book in a day – I could feel the passion and the hurt as his family ran for their lives and the worry of who may be spying on them to the Chinese government.  There are some things that we only hear of but reading about it from a first hand account, such as what happens to women who refuse to abort their babies, will have you reaching for the box of tissues.  There is sadness in the pages but there is also hope, hope for things not seen and hope for better things to happen – and believing in God is what that hope is pinned on and that resonates within these pages as well.


If you desire to learn more about what is going on to the Chinese Christians this book is a great place to start, one cannot deny a first hand account of the atrocities that the Chinese go through.  You’ll be inspired in how you can pray to help them be strengthened by the Holy Spirit among other ways to help by visiting the website listed at the back of the book.  At first I was going to let my 10 year old read this but after finishing it I know she isn’t ready for the whole story of persecution but this would make a good study for the older child.


**Disclaimer:  I was provided a copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was given.


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