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P is For Prayer

on June 12, 2012




Prayer – we all know we’re supposed to do it – and we do, when times get rough, or we want to complain, or we need/want something.  Prayer, for the most part isn’t on our radar when things are going good – the children are doing what their told, everyone is healthy, etc  So we neglect our prayer life – I’m guilty of it, a lot.  I have this wonderful ideal in my head – my children should wake to see me with my Bible opened in front of me, eyes closed, head bowed – but the reality is they don’t.  They wake to a harried mom trying to get them moving for the day – as well as herself.


I don’t wake early – surely the Lord knows my need for sleep right?  He would understand, right?  When I face the Lord one day – will He question me like He questioned His Disciples who couldn’t stay awake to pray with Him in the garden?  Uh Oh!


Another thing on prayer is that do we actually pray when we are telling someone we are going to pray?  I’ll confess, sometimes I know that is the expected thing to say.  I know that is what I’m supposed to respond with as a Christian.  What I’m actually doing is lying – there are times I fully intend to pray and then I go about my day and realize as I’m laying in bed I haven’t prayed – not even a quick “Lord, please be with _________ as they go through _________.”  Yes, the Lord has been working on me.


When I have a friend who needs prayer, whether they post it on Facebook or their blog or elsewhere I do what I can right then to offer a heart felt, sincere prayer.  Even if it’s short, even if I have to type it out, I make a point to do it right then.  I’ve even touched the computer screen while praying for a friend it’s a tangible sign of them when they aren’t in front of me.  I’ve been reading about other faiths, some have certain times of prayer throughout the day, some pray 5 times a day.  Yes they are routine and rote but think about it – if Christians took the time to pray 5 times a day – what would happen?


The Bible tells us to pray unceasingly, that means to always be praying.  It doesn’t mean we have to be on our knees with heads bowed all the time – it means to be in prayer.  It can be a silent prayer – when your child is exasperating.  When that family member is just making one of those comments again.  Be in prayer – it can be as simple as a thought like “Lord help me get through this moment in Your strength.”  But pray.  We shouldn’t need a set time of prayer to remind us to pray, but if that helps so be it.  We are busy moms, so if setting aside five times a day to actively pray, either alone or with your children, then do it.


Keep a list of those prayer requests, talk to your children about them if you’re including them in your prayer time.  Choose a Scripture for each child and your spouse and pray that over them and him.  I like this idea at Lil Light O’ Mine for remembering to pray for her children – I can see this working for our husband’s and even our friends.  What delight would your friend get if you prayed a specific verse over them for a year and then sent them that to let them know what you prayed for them?


So let’s take the time to pray – even if that means you wake up early – I’ve done it and I know that the Lord will give you the energy to get through the day if you spend time with Him.  If you say you’re going to pray, do it right then, so then you’re also not guilty of lying on top of not praying.  Prayer should always be our first line of defense and not a response to hard ships or complaints.


Go pray!  😀


One response to “P is For Prayer

  1. Kym Thorpe says:

    Great post. thanks for sharing your thoughts on prayer. I try very hard to pray right then and there when a friend shares a request or need online – if I don’t, I forget! It’s interesting to me that no matter what faith they follow or even if they claim to be atheists, no one – not one person – has ever said they do not want prayer. We have great opportunities to touch people for Christ just by praying.

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