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Awana Awards

on June 13, 2012

Well April was the culmination of a year’s hard work for my little Awana people.  Bethanne and Hannah finished their books and Christian is half way through his.  I’ll be teaching T&T next year and I’ll have both my girls in my class, Christian is still a Spark.


Christian getting his award from the Spark leader.


Bethanne getting her award from the Spark leader.


Hannah and two other T&T’ers who received their book awards. The middle girl completed all 4 books for T&T!


Up close shot of Hannah with her Book 2 award. Isn’t it pretty?


We are looking forward to next year’s Awana – can’t wait to begin being a leader.


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    Hi, Sarah! Thanks for signing on to follow my blog; I’m returning the favor. :^) Looking forward to reading more!

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